1. MuchoMac

    Suggestions for GMAIL CRM/Reporting?

    Currently we have all of our clients leads for Chat, Webforms, and Phone BCC a Gmail email address for our business. I have set each email to filter by subject line but I need something will take those filtered emails and put them into some sort of exportable report. I have had no success in...
  2. B

    Remove "root" results

    Any way of doing this in scrapebox? Or other way? Only want URL results that are subpages. No homepages :-)
  3. D

    Scrapebox Filtering Issue

    Hi guys, I feel like a complete noob asking this but here goes: I have list of targets I want to filter using the 'Remove URLs not containing entries from' option in Scrapebox. The file I want to use as a filter has a bunch of URL paths in it (not full URLs), for example...
  4. M

    scrapebox - filter list of bad words

    Hello, I`m very new to scrapebox and I was wondering if this is implemented in SB: when I harvested URLs, I often get some sort of bad word URLs which I don`t want to have in my URL-list to post on. Is there a filter or addon in SB which can filter the harvested URLs against a list of bad...
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