1. L

    Onlyfans Feet Fetish Site - best practice with marketing budget

    Dear BHW Community, short introduction (about and why): I am a Fashion Influencer on IG from Europe with around 230K Followers and a very good income. I am also on europe's fashion magazines. Long story short, I get a lot of DM's from ppl. who ask for secret content of my feets, they seem to be...
  2. odyssee

    Selling Feet Pics - Is this a good Business and what should I know about it?

    Hey guys, after my last post I decided to put more focus on Merch by Amazon and therefore I ignore more and more other methods to make money online. That's why the title for the following text is: I'm asking for a friend. I am friends with a fit 23 year old student who knows that I make money...
  3. Roxy8053

    Making YouTube money with my feet ?

    I was wondering if it would be a good idea to do like three minute videos modeling my feet or just squishing lotion between my feet what do you think ?
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