facebook marketplace seller

  1. Malxonx

    Facebook Marketplace Services Get more ✅Leads ✅Sales ✅Calls, Facebook marketplace posting system, Pay for what Works!!!

    After our successful Sale thread here in BHW and the Positive Reviews, We've decided to come up with a more unique and Valuable service. We're offering a New & Unique service, Get Facebook Marketplace Leads/Calls/Messages/etc. Pay Less $$$ and Get More Sales, Leads, Customers, Buyers, etc...
  2. Malxonx

    FREE Review copy - Facebook Marketplace leads/Rental

    I am giving 1 free review copies for Facebook, Here's what you will get, A (EDITED BY A MOD: 1 REVIEW COPY!) Marketplace Leads (3 leads) Facebook Marketplace account rental (24-hour Access through Adspower/Dolphone Anty) you must have a Laptop or PC Facebook Page Reviews (2 reviews) Facebook...
  3. Malxonx

    What's the best proxy? What's the best proxy for you? What is the difference between the types of proxies?

    Hello everyone. using the wrong proxy sometimes can lead to all kinds of problems such as account disabled, marketplace disabled, etc, So I decided to share this post so it may help someone out there improve their results and get more money. IP6. (Price from $0.3 up to 0.5.Monthly) Is the...
  4. Malxonx

    Why do most Facebook marketplace / Facebook PVA accounts get disabled? or Marketplace disabled?

    Hello everyone, From my working experience I wanted to share some of the reasons why your accounts get disabled, why your marketplace get disabled, etc. The reason why i am sharing this, Is to help others save their accounts. #1 Too many accounts on the same PC/Laptop/Cell phone. When you log...
  5. Malxonx

    How to keep your Marketplace Facebook Account for the Longest possible.

    Hello everyone. Here are a few tips and you're welcome to add yours. From good experience dealing with Facebook here are a few tips to keep your account safe for the longest possible. 1- Keep using the same proxy or VPN With the same account. Hint: The best proxy is ( Mobile, Then IP4, Then...
  6. OlympusTrain25

    MASS Listings on Facebook Marketplace

    Hi, i was recently searching on Facebook Marketplace US, and came across a ton of listings that contain high ticket products at low prices , sometimes using real Facebook profiles but from other countries , and post links to shops. Obviusly theyre scams but , i would like to know if anyone here...
  7. adshelp

    Facebook Marketplace Knowledge Made Me $2570 In One Day!

    I have been working on Facebook Marketplace since 2020, One guy paid me $2570 on 24th February. It is my biggest earning in one day period. Thanks everyone.
  8. kakilai

    Facebook Marketplace Reviews (seller), Fiverr Saves

    Hi, I'm looking for a seller/website that offers Facebook Marketplace reviews seller and Fiverr saves service. If anyone knows, can drop a comment or DM me. Thanks.
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