expired domain

  1. BearResearch

    Registering expired domain question

    Hi guys, Im looking to test out a new niche and wanted to purchase an expired domain with my niche keyword in the URL, but also with a decent DA. I was just wondering. If I were to purchase an expired domain from go daddy, will I be able to set up a new site design, new posts etc? Or do I have...
  2. David719

    [HELP] Expired domains

    Hi guys, Can you help me please? I want some expired domain. I found it here : https://www.expireddomains.net/ So, How it works? Where can I buy domain? Everywhere? It does not matter? The next I will buy hosting and revive domain via waybackmachine? I need articles from the expired domain...
  3. F

    Expired domains to grab under $10

    Hey guys, Grabs it as soon as possible!! # SiteName DA PA Moz Rank 1) stevemelvin.com 20 27 2.70 2) max-foto.com 17 24 2.40 3) royalblogy.com 14 15 1.50 4) diditellyou.net 14 18 1.80 Check backlink profile and...
  4. F

    Expired domains DA/PA metrics

    Hi, I was looking for expired domains and filtered out some good domains with respect to DA/PA metrics. I decided to buy after a day or two!! But when I checked again before buying those the metrics are down to zero without any backlinks etc like a new domain. Anyone know what's the reason...

    Found this auction domain..is it worth?

    Spam free and German .org site . DR 17 UR 30 ,1k backlinks ,121 RD Has do follow backlinks from BBC,Latimes,foxnews and wikipedia price is about $100 what do you guys think? is the language will be a issue here?
  6. Pureananda

    Looking For Expired Domain

    I am looking for few expired domain with clean profile. Quality: medium/high Non adult not for pbn. Please ping me with domain ahrefs metrics if you have any. Note: -> General niche and niche specific preferred. niche like: home,pet,travel,sports -> Plan to restore the website with relevant...
  7. DJ.Bud

    Journey to make a new Income Stream[Lets Beat Covid-19]

    I know it's very tough for some people to stay at home during this pandemic but let's save the world by staying home. Let's hope for the best and prepare for the worst! A lot of people in the travel industry lost their job and aren't making enough money to support themselves. Which sucks and...
  8. Sandie2018

    An email from Domainsbyproxy

    Hi guys, I have recently bought an expired domain and today I got an email from Domainsbyproxy. This is the email: ----------------- Congrats on your new domain! The next step you need to take for xyz.com is to make sure it is listed in the search engines. Getting xyz.com included in the...
  9. Excalibur123

    Index Backlinks from 301 Redirect

    Hey guys, how do you index the Backlinks of an Auction/Expired Domain when redirecting it to your Moneysite? Do you use Scrapebox rapid indexer? GSC? or something completely different?
  10. Sandie2018

    How to retrieve content to a website?

    Hi, I have a newbie question. I bought an expired domain in my niche. I downloaded from wayback machine the content that was previously on that domain. It's unique content and I want to upload it to my new site (in woordpress). I am aware of the copyright to this content, so I'm going to...