expired domain redirecting

  1. N

    Is the expired domain 301 redirection giving nofollow backlink??

    I have redirected expired domain from hosting .htacess. Now ahrefs shows the expired domain give the nofollow backlink. Is it ok? Or not ok than how I can get ******** backlink? Please help me
  2. Wessal Adel

    after doing 301 redirect expired domain

    I found an expired domain with good metrics the same niche clean backlink profile average TF and DA, high RD good anchor distribution still indexed by Google then I do 301 redirect from this domain to my new website after doing this the new content on my website don't index and my results...
  3. M

    The White Hat Way of Buying & Using Expired Domains

    Hi, A lot of the SEO experts will of course be familiar with this technique , but I thought I will share it here for those that want to use the power of expired domains the White Hat way (without any risk of getting penalised .) As always white hat techniques involves more work than black...
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