domain traffic

  1. B

    16,000-20,000 Daily Unique Visitors Domain Traffic

    Hi, how are you all doing? I hope everything is going well for you and your families. I would like to hear your experiences or suggestions on what I can do with my domain traffic to make the most money I possibly can. I receive tons of traffic on a daily basis from my domains. I currently...
  2. Textsurfer

    How to see domain redirect traffic ?

    Can you please tell me, how can I see from where my traffic is coming from without having a hosting ? Basically I redirect one domain from Godaddy to a CPA offer via direct linking using different websites. Is there a way I can see from exactly which website the visitors are coming from ? To...
  3. H

    Choosing a domain...any ideas?

    Ok so i know a fair bit about blogging now (still a newbie though:D), but i am stumped on choosing a domain name:p. I am choosing to promote apple products however i cannot use "apple", "iphone", "ipad" etc in the domain name so i'm having trouble coming up with ideas for the domain and most...
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