domain redirection

  1. N

    Is the expired domain 301 redirection giving nofollow backlink??

    I have redirected expired domain from hosting .htacess. Now ahrefs shows the expired domain give the nofollow backlink. Is it ok? Or not ok than how I can get ******** backlink? Please help me
  2. F

    Redirecting many relevent niche domain to one

    I am trying to redirect my 4 domain (relevant niche) to my main domain. Does it help my main domain rank boost? I found related discussion about it on MOZ and someone commented there " The risk however, is if the domains have a negative history associated with them. If bad links were pointed...
  3. Pratham394

    301 Expired Domain Redirection

    I have an expired domain in my niche and the domain has some letters matching mine own, which is kind of an EMD. This expired domain has a good link profile, DA and PA and I plan to 301 it to my money-site. Then build backlinks on this expired site using the keywords of my money-site as anchor...
  4. B

    Question [Domain Redirec]

    Can someone please answer this. In theory if you take domain A PR6 redirect to Domain B - Domain B, will get PR6 - right? What if you redirect Domain C PR6 to domain B NPR then B to A will you get the PR? :) I hope it makes sense. Thanks
  5. D

    Can anyone recommend a good product conerning...

    I'm looking for a solid product that discusses offline techniques for CPA offers. I have had success setting up flyers on campus and now I want to take it to the next level. Isn't there a product out there that discusses Offline CPA/Flyers/setting up 800 numbers cheap/ Domain redirection etc...
  6. blackguy81

    Domain redirecting question

    If I buy an aged domain (maybe with keyword or without) and redirect it to a newly registered domain (with keyword), can the new domain get authority and other benefits of the aged domain ? I bought a domain newly, but my competitor have domain with 10+ age. My SEO-person told me that it is...
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