domain redirect

  1. korosho

    Maximizing SEO Benefits from a 20-Year-Old Expired Niche Domain: 301 Redirect or Blog Setup?

    Hello, Black Hat World I've recently acquired a domain over 20 years old, and it’s closely related to my niche. Given its age and possible domain authority, I expect it to have a strong SEO advantage, and I want to ensure I'm harnessing its potential to the fullest. The main question is...
  2. AllyBarns

    Will domain redirect impact website's SEO?

    I have a niche site with a .in domain with around 30 articles. The niche has much more potential globally, but the .in domain is the only limitation. If I purchase a .com domain and redirect it to my website: 1) Will it impact negatively on my site in terms of SEO? 2) Will a .com domain help...
  3. TheSingh

    Best Domain Redirect Advertising Platforms - Which ones are the best?

    Hello All! Lately I've been working with platforms that specialize in domain redirect traffic. I've found great success in specifically Amazon, free movies, and ofcourse porn traffic. The users that come from domain redirect are already highly motivated and so if you offer them something close...
  4. H

    My partner wants me to drive traffic to his site, how to track results?

    The plan is next: I will buy a domain name redirected to his site. I will promote that domain name in different places. I will get paid by visitors. How to track this? I think I should redirect the domain name to the tracking link -> redirected to the destination site. Of course, we should both...
  5. A.S

    looking for popunder/domain redirect traffic for usa geo

    hello everyone. i am looking for popunder/popup/domain redirect dekstop traffic for usa geo. pm me on telegram @Real_A_S.
  6. Domenikogj

    PLS HELP!! Switch from naked domain to www

    I have a streaming website that recently had a big drop in organic traffic . Google was ranking me in #3 position for a keyword and suddenly in one night it went down to page 6.Same happened to some other keywords. Anyway im trying to redirect my domain from a naked domain (
  7. qwertzui11

    Question about merging two money sites

    I have two money sites in the same niche. One is making the big money in phone cases niche, one is making small money in the screen protectors niche. they are both added to search console and analytics. The niches are so similar that I started to sell screen protectors on my bigger money site...
  8. virtualbyron

    redirect the whole domain and iinner pages in the same domain

    Hello mate, I wish redirect the whole domain and specific inner pages in the same domain For exemple : 301 redirect whole domain: to and 301 redirect for inner page like : to to to...
  9. B

    Question [Domain Redirec]

    Can someone please answer this. In theory if you take domain A PR6 redirect to Domain B - Domain B, will get PR6 - right? What if you redirect Domain C PR6 to domain B NPR then B to A will you get the PR? :) I hope it makes sense. Thanks
  10. smartsem

    HowTo redirect ten.gandi Domains to Your hosting account

    Recently A thread posted here about FREE one Year Domain by I got one domain from this site .can Any one told Me how to redirect this to main to my blogger URL with DNS settings I have search on Google found and follow steps mention here ...
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