country not listed

  1. Nw_Work

    Advice Needed on Paypal accounts

    Hi everyone the situation I am trying to find an answer is that I have created a Malaysian paypal account about 1year ago and at that time my country was not supported by paypal to receive any payments. Even though I had made this Malaysian account I had not received any money there but have...
  2. Bostoncab

    need geographic text files $5 job continents,countries,states,cities

    need geographic text files $5 job continents,countries,states,cities So there are around 280 countries in the world. They all have states and cities etc. I need .txt files for all of them. I am sure these exist already and may be found by googleing but I rather pay $5 1)All countries...
  3. 10zen

    Click signup help!!!! Country not listed on clickbank

    Hello everyone. I want to ask if I can use address of my relative living in Uk or US to be CB affliate. My country is not listed in CB, so I can't signup. Many people seems to buy virtual address from US but I an't do so right now. So, if I can use address of my relatives, then whose name should...
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