1. P

    is safe & trustable seo tools preloaded

    Hi BHW's I'm looking for a VPS with seo tools preloaded. I'm not having to deal VPS server management which can be quite complicated and time consuming process - I not have knowledge for that. I found with tools preloaded and affordable prices for subscriptions plan...
  2. sonyhp

    CheapSEOVPS offering Bribes to post Fake reviews on BHW.

    Just received a mail shot from asking to post fake positive reviews on BlackHatworld to get 50% discount. Here is the mass email i received from CheapSEOVPS asking to post fake reviews here. Do you own BlackhatWorld account if yes, then this discount is for you! Write one...
  3. sonyhp

    CheapSEOVPS Review. Do not buy service.

    Done a big mistake by not researching about them first before buying. continuously failed in every aspects. So here is a review of service. Their SEO Tools never work (i.e. SEMrush, Ahrefs etc), no instruction or FAQ exist whatsoever. Time to time the login...