1. F

    Category Structure Ecom Site

    Hey Guys, Been working with a marketing team to help with SEO on our Magento ecom website. Some unusual things I noticed they been doing with the category structure that I'm trying to understand if it has any relevance or advantage and if there's a reason they're doing it that way. I tried...
  2. E

    How to deal with categories duplicate to tags?

    I took over a website and I'm cleaning up things. I noticed there are a dozen categories and tags with the same name, i.e. there is a category and a tag both with the name "cats". I have already no-indexed tags to prevent bloat, thin content and duplicate content. My question is how to solve...
  3. CyberCommander

    good product category and subcatecory list for Online Shops?

    Hi guys Does anyone have a good product category and subcatecory list for Online Shops? Example like this:
  4. Hustlim

    WORDPRESS: Same category and page - CAN I HURT MYSELF?

    Hello everyone, I have a question about SEO. I have a new website where I solve the structure of the whole website and I want to have it 100% correct. Can I have the same page title and category? What do I mean? - here is an example: (PAGE)
  5. Hustlim

    Magazine about health and diets - TAGS OR NOT?

    Greetings to the BHW community! I need a advice. I own a health magazine where I have about 30-50 tags, but I don't use most of them anymore. I saw an article on SEO where they recommended using categories rather. And remove tags and redirect to new categories or articles. Do you think that's...
  6. Prathek

    Reddit like Custom Feeds in BHW

    How about custom feeds in BHW, at the orientation you get to choose 4-5 sub-forums you like. So when you click on the "Home" button, section at the top gives you a list of threads from your selected /starred subs and a bottom section where you get the usual "Recent Threads" as we have now. I...
  7. O

    is having two categories in a blog OK?

    i started thinking about the categories, but i could'nt help to come with either 2 or too many (like 4 or 5 or something) so these two categories are like the biggest/main topics that i will write about. and i will create a blog for each category every week.
  8. mikev

    How Do I Redesign & Add New Content To My Old Site

    My 4 year old site is generating 400 UV a day, with around 20 posts that have 600 words on average. I haven't posted on that site for like 3 years. I just saw that it has a lot of potential and low competition. It is in the Health & Fitness niche. What concerns me the most is that it has an EMD...
  9. ashish2112

    [Need Help] How to index one post in no-index category

    Hello guys, Actually I have a category on my website as "video" where I embed some YouTube videos and don't want them to be indexed so I changed setting of that category as no-index. Now I want to index 2-3 posts of that category How to do that? Will posting only video without content penalize...
  10. P

    Wordpress Categorisation Help

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is any way that you can categorise Wordpress by a date? Basically I want to have "events" that are dated in the future, and there may well be numerous events on any single date. I want to create a post for each event, and then people can just hopefully...
  11. codeman1234

    Best plugin to add metatags on categories pages on WP?

    Hello, What is best plugin to add metatags and content on cateogies pages? is there anything around? Thanks
  12. LuckyGirl9334

    Question About Using Categories on Website

    Hi Guys, Please forgive me if this info is in another thread somewhere. I searched and didn't find anything but, that doesn't mean it isn't there. I'm working on a blog and I have a couple no brainer categories set up already. I need help with a few others though and understanding is there is...
  13. MediaConsult

    Categories or Tags

    I am currently building on a directory page and was wondering what is better to use Categories or Tags? Or Both? And if both then which content should go into categories and which should be tagged?
  14. r3L4x

    [QUESTION] Woocommerce special products in page

    Hello I'm working on my woocommerce shop about 2 months. Still can't crack this up. I have few sections of special products, like sales products, new and best rated. So my plan is to bypass lot of work and make it not much automatically. I made few pages for special products and added tags...
  15. devilinside

    Why only tags and categories are getting indexed?

    I have just started my new blog, it's been 3 days. When i checked on google with this format '' only categories and tags are indexed. Posts are indexed in this way>tag>abc. I have deindexed tags and categories with yoast seo but now no posts are showing up on Google.
  16. apex1

    Ranking A WP Category Page?

    I'm just wondering if any of you guys ever try to rank a wordpress category page? I have a 2000 word article written for a big keyword I'm trying to rank for... I'm debating whether to: Put the content on a category page and rank it that way Save the content as a post and redirect the...
  17. Frankkk

    How to organize the categories of a web?

    Hello BlackHatworld friends; I would like to open this thread to discuss the structure to follow for a specific web categories. I usually use Google Keyword to check two options: 1) Ideas for ad group 2) Keyword Ideas So I rely on these results to define the different categories and...
  18. blackwarriormonster

    What to do if category page rank at 2nd page of google?

    Hi friends, One of my category page rank at the 2nd page of google? What to do next now? Should I begin to build links to the category page url which ranked or still build links to my money site mail url? Which link types will works? Any kind friends could tell me? Thanks a lot : )
  19. I

    Search & Filter Menu for products, WordPress.

    Hi guys! I was wondering if you guys could help me out me with a plugin where you can make a simple Search & Filter menu. I am currently an affiliate and would like to have a simple search & filter menu right above the products, to obviously be able to search and filter categories as you wish...
  20. Iamtheman

    Best Category in Fiverr

    Hi, I want to know which categories in fiverr get more order.I mean which categories is best for getting order.Currently I have few gig on online marketing but don't get much order.So,I am trying to sell on other category. Don't know why but fiverr remove many gig of mine and they said I have...
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