buying reviews

  1. AlexTheGeek

    Gifting Amazon KDP to increase sales and reviews? How do I proceed?

    I’m planning on launching a book on Amazon later this year. The best seller in my category has around 10 sales a day and should be easy to beat. I’m now just looking into how I can boost my sales on launch to become a bestseller. I’ve been thinking the following: 1) I use my own domain and gift...
  2. S

    Need all kinds of UK reviews

    Greetings to all of you good fellows at BHW! I am in need of a legit (or at least a very legit-looking) socially proven reviews coming from UK: Facebook Google If I haven't thought of anything but you can provide it and make my life better - please hit me up too 100 of each to...
  3. Lifeologist

    Buying Fiver Reviews for $1.50

    You get $1.50 after you finish the review. I will transfer you $7 to your paypal account. I am looking only for 3 reviews this time just for 1 gig. PM me a link to your Fiverr account and your paypal details and I will let you know if it's ok to trade. I will send you the money after you've...