bulk email marketing service

  1. D

    Need bulk email person for 1.6m emails (dripped over time) to a good list that I have to announce a new podcast

    I have a podcast exclusively marketed to real estate agents. I also have a list of 1.6m real estate agent emails in the U.S. - would like to send each contact just one email announcing the show (will be a simple short text email with one hyperlink to subscribe). We're not selling anything -...
  2. B

    Is there any way to send 10k emails per day ?

    Hi, I have a huge database of CXOs, I want to use it in email marketing to promote the affiliate products. So, can anyone please suggest me the best tool (easy to install, no domain name required) to send at least 10k emails in a day. I have discussed it with multiple people and most of them...
  3. Pesa Man

    [Q] "The Money Is In The List.. Who Is Your Favorite Bulk Email Marketing Service?

    Hi.. Guys this is a Poll to my title question.. You can post your favorite bulk emailing services if you like.. Which is your best who will not ban your hard earned opt-in or double opt-in leads collection lists or blacklist your sending domain.. Which one of the below.. BTW.. I am not talking...