1. mainceaft

    I asked G Brad about something specific and if give me brilliant answer.

    Hello, what made me doing this fir I didn't have Open-Ai subscription and I only tested chatGPT 3.5 before never had chance to test 4.5 Anyway in the pas I was always complain about G search result not being accurate and full of spam/scam websites. But my experience with G Ai Brad way way more...
  2. S

    Some problems about Brad CPA-Redirector 2

    Recently I do some test on Brad CPA-Redirector 2. And I got some problems that I can not make out. I write a record.php instead of the cpa Affiliate Link for testing including to record IP adress, referer, browser version and so on , and I find that many IP will get more than one records. So I...
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