1. E

    Aged domain blacklisted on firewalls companies

    I just talked to a Pinterest account manager, and she told me that she couldn't access my domain from within the company because my domain was blocked by Pinterest's firewall. Then I remembered that months after buying the expired domain I'm using, I discovered that it was once a porn site...
  2. M

    SORBS-DUHL black list

    Dear Black Hat Friends, Our website ended up on SORBS-DUHL black list. We need your creative solutions for how to get off this list as our gmail client emails are all going to spam. We’ll compensate for solution. Please provide your Skype/telegram contact details. Thank you in advance!
  3. Bukunmi

    Create a clickbank account in blacklisted countries

    I hope this helps for whoever wants a clickbank account but can't open due to country restrictions.....and I hope this isn't against the rule of blackhat
  4. Vox1Hex

    My adult website was banned in Turkey, huge drop in visitors

    Hello BHW members, today I lost significant amount of traffic from Turkey, I found out that my website was blacklisted after more than one year of operation, by turkish internet providers. Most of my turkish traffic visited my web from Yandex, it was 300 - 400 people every day. I just want to...
  5. S

    Seeking Payment Gateway/Processing Advice || Blacklisted From All International Payment Processors

    Hey everybody, tldr; legitimate online business wants to know how to set up with a payment processor after we've been put on the "MATCH" list & blacklisted from being with any payment gateways. This includes the owner's information & data. Is forming an LLC or corporation under a different...
  6. Scorpion Ghost

    Dailymotion video upload failed, video blacklisted (Workaround) (Video)

    Here's a video I just made that may help somebody. I talk about Dailymotion and the error you can get when trying to upload videos. The "Failed" and the "This Video is Blacklisted" errors. I explain why it can happen, and I also show a workaround solution and give other valuable info. I think...
  7. EternalFun

    Sucuri says site is blacklisted

    Hey, so a couple of months ago I bought this domain fresh from godaddy and bought hostgator hosting and then as I am a bit new to wordpress, I screwed up setting up the ssl and getting the green padlock. I tried free cloudfare and really simple ssl and still was not able to get the gree lock...
  8. lokk

    Instagram Bio Blacklisted Words

    I read somewhere here on BHW that instagram has blacklisted words in the bio such as "free followers" and the such. Can anyone confirm this as I havent been able to find any other info on this. It could explain some of my account bans.
  9. P

    Your account has been disable.(Facebook) Blacklisted IP's?

    Hello guys, I have problems with facebook i got to many disable accounts right i press button 'SIGH UP' I think that problem is with IP's? Is there any website or tool to check if my IP is blacklisted by FACEBOOK? I use VPN software for changing IP's and I want to check my IP if is blacklisted...
  10. splittercore

    Blacklisted and spammy proxies

    Hey! I am fairly new to the IG stuff, most of my accounts are ~3weeks old. I am using 2-3 accounts per proxy. I got some INSTAGRAM PROXIES from Provider 1, and some PRIVATE proxies from Provider 2. Yesterday I found a proxy checker whoer and it appears that: All proxies from provider 1 are...
  11. UrbanMedusa

    URL Blacklisted?

    I was running a website on google blogger with a paid domain name and google have banned and removed my site for violation of terms and conditions. my concern is all the seo work i had done to the website which was sitting on page 3 before being destroyed. I have removed all of the google...
  12. Emiya

    Paypal limited - Domain blacklisted?

    Hello, I've question about paypal. When ever I create an account by paypal and put it on my vbulletin board as payment method paypal limits my account after few days. The reason is always my domain name that I violate the policy and more. Is there a way to use paypal on my vbulletin board...
  13. L

    How to check Blacklist?

    I wanted to purchase some proxies but was not sure how to check if the ip was blacklisted anyone know of the main sites and what to look for? Is it ok if it does not pass some of the sites as well on blacklist? I am looking to use it for emailing so do not want it to head to spam.
  14. V

    Facing MALWARE! issues with couple of my sites .. Need help

    My sites are facing MALWARE issues. One of my site (which I hardly used) got a phishing page added to it, and I had to take it down. I removed its nameservers setting from Godaddy to take it down for the time being. The phishing link has now been removed by my hosting, but I fear that its...
  15. Last_Legend

    What to do if listed my main 4 sites ?

    Hello Hatters, Actually my 4 main high traffic sites listed on, where each site was getting daily 3k UV but now it decreases to 1500 or less. As my main trafic comes from google and all are pr1-2 sites but now the traffic has been decreased day by day. Can anyone help me to prevent...
  16. codeman1234

    Help with blacklist

    Hello, one of my servers got hacked and hacker used my server as a spam sender, because of that blacklisted my ip address, I been trying to contact them but, there is no way to contact them on their page or even on google, is there anyone that can give me a tip or advice of how to...
  17. L

    My worst Nightmare, Ive been blacklisted by Google

    HELP! My sites got Hacked and Google have blacklisted me. Its been three weeks of constant trying to clean the sites, yet problems continue. I think Im getting ontop of it now. BUT, will google let me back? Or do I give up and start again? Not the preffered option as some of my sites have 2...
  18. CaptainKing

    Is my site with google PR0 worthless now or saveable?

    Let me tell you, I am never buying backlinks again. I am sticking to white hat from now on. My site went from google PR: N/A to PR:0. At first I thought that was a good thing until I read that this actually means my site got blacklisted...! :eek: Does anyone know anymore information about this...
  19. T

    Blacklisted/Sandboxed websites causing rankings to decrease

    Hello everyone, I am fairly new here to BHW and I have a simple question. We show up before a competitor and we know they play dirty. If a competitor of ours was ranking lower in the SERPs before us, what would stop them from posting our website link to "blacklisted" or "sandboxed" websites...
  20. H

    is my site penelized?

    Hey guys I need some feedback and thoughts from you. I have a website travelandoutdoorclothing (.) com , I fear that is has been blacklisted or have received a hard penalty from the Spam Team. If I do a search site: travelandoutdoorclothing (.) com I can see I got 101 pages indexed When I...
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