adwords suspended for billing

  1. AdwordsAlgorithm

    Wow I Have Win Adwords Account Reactivation {not suspended now }

    There is something I wanna try so i have an adwords account sitting idle its aged around 2+ years I have not added anything in it and then just a few days back I have tried adding a payment methods (not sure if much people try adding :D then after I added the payment method to my greatest...
  2. jack yes

    Adwords: Can I use same one internet banking to make payments to different adwords accounts?

    I would really appreciate if anyone can suggest in this matter. Consider I had one adwords account which got suspended by google. I used to make payments using my internet banking. Now if I open a new account in my friend's name, using his address, his computer and IP. But But the only...
  3. jack yes

    Google Adwords getting banned for suspicious payment activities.. Please Assist Urgent

    I have created more than 10 Adwords accounts and all of them get banned for suspicious payments. I have used .. 1. Fresh Kali Linux system ON MY MAC. 2. Fresh ICICI Pockets Wallet Virtual Debit Card ( India) 3. Fresh IPs ( each time using a new sim card and its mobile internet connection...
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