adult marketing

  1. E

    Launch adult campaign

    Hi all! Could you share some advices on how I can launch my first adult ad campaign? I decided to start with exoclick, juicyads, adnium, trafficjunkey and traffictstars. I want to launch banner ads and check how actively users will click on the banner with my service. I will be grateful for...
  2. R

    Onlyfans marketing

    Hello BHW! I am looking for someone experienced with proxy use and OF marketing. I am looking for many types of marketing, but specifically I am looking for dating app traffic whether it’s bumble or tinder. but I’m open to any type of adult traffic for my models! hit my tele: @lolviral
  3. M

    My mini story

    Hi guys, I'm Moblazer and after trying several methods to make money online(some have worked, others not so well) I have decided to focus on CPA and Adult Marketing. I really hope it goes well for me and if you have any advise or know one or two things about my CPA or Adult Marketing, please...
  4. Adult-HTML

    Is Reddit good for adult marketing purposes?

    From what I’ve heard Reddit is full of interesting discussion areas that are related to the adult industry. But isn’t it too overwhelming? Like where to start and how not to get blocked all the time? Does it take a long time to figure out what you can post and where exactly? And is it really...
  5. T

    Looking For Adult Site Marketer/Promoter

    Hello, Adult Site needs high-quality traffic that converts to return paying clients. I can provide email lists and assist with ad or content creation. Just stuck on how to proceed after slowed business. Willing to pay weekly/hourly or by the project. Great results will receive bonuses.
  6. B

    Hi I am newbie working in Adult market

    it would be nice to have good friends who can help my work and share some industry useful information love to connect! Thank you
  7. clay99foryou

    my adult cpa journey 2021 edition

    People think that it dont work now but i've tried it from the scratch and you know what it works! Just providing the ss in the starting because i dont want people to scroll down for the results. If you have good traffic or you are just starting one thing which matters the most is NETWORK -...
  8. shiboshy

    ✅FREE REVIEW COPY ❤️ Porn-Domain's: Earn Passive Income With Adult Sites ❤️ Banking With Wordpress & PHP Porn Tubes For Beginners ❤️ ✅GUIDE/METHOD

    GET A FREE REVIEW COPY IN YOUR INBOX! ✅Porn-Domain's: Earn Passive Income With Adult Sites ❤ Banking With Wordpress & PHP Porn Tubes For Beginners ❤ HOW TO APPLY? POST IN THIS THREAD "I'M INTERESTED" AND WAIT FOR MY PM. WHAT WILL YOU GET? BB Version (You can read in inbox) & PDF Version...
  9. ChrisMonkey

    Porn Marketing Specialist

    I am seeking a digital marketing expert that specializes in porn and fully understands and has experience with using Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and porntubes. Both White Hat and Black Hat. This can become a long term or even full time project, but will begin with a few tests or individual...
  10. beastkay

    When PPL is PPS a sudden HIKE in monetary graph!

    I'm doing adult ppl from long time and I will not say I've earned a lot but I've for sure learned a lot. Using free traffic and making things work is one of the difficult tasks but when it gives you fruit you loves it a lot and this is what I'm going to talk about today. You might have seen...
  11. Ankith K Shetty

    Porn Niche Experts, Read this and help me

    Hi, I sell some adult products, I want to upload videos with my watermark to websites like xvideos, pornhub or anything video sites like that. But when I tried with xvideos and pornhub, my video was not allowed as it had watermark. Is there any website that allows videos with watermark? PLEASE...
  12. Ankith K Shetty

    Can I use Paypal to accept money to sell my Adult Ebook?

    Hi there, I want to know if I can use Paypal to collect money when I am selling adult ebooks? Like how to cure Erectile Dysfunction or how to improve your sexual health etc? Thanks,
  13. beastkay

    Sending Bulk SMS to USA will make you pay?

    Hey BHW'ers I've good amount of data which I want to use to market my adult websites. Was thinking to do it via zapier! Is it a good idea? or not? Do we have any other cheap way via zapier it's costing me around - $0.005 per sms and $0.015/mms Also I've received a no from some of the...
  14. C

    Advanced adult tube script methods: KVS vs CyberSEO?

    To start, I’ve had too many problems with XWPthemes and have heard bad things about WP-script. Adult Script Pro is out of my price range (plus, no refunds is crazy!). I want to have more control over my site and be able to fix simple stuff if it goes wrong, but don’t want to get into coding...
  15. L

    Is Chaturbate "Shaving" My Earnings...

    I really don't comment much on this forum but I have been coming here off and on for years to get info on adult marketing. With that said, I have been promoting Chaturbate for a while now. It's been at least five or six years of consistent promotion. I love the site so it was easy for me to...
  16. hungtulo|Dating/Cam offers|Weekly Payouts|High CR$%|24/7 Support Staff|SMS Campaigns

    Welcome the New Year with an affiliate program that's optimized to churn out the best results. No matter if you are a seasonded veteran or a newbie, our technical staff will have you up and running in no time to monetize your dating traffic. Our network even has its own gay/straight webcam...
  17. S

    [VA Needed] SEO and Content Creation for Adult Ecommerce Site

    Hi, I am looking for a VA for SEO and Content Creation. Could be two different people or same person for both depending on the candidate. Website is a niche adult e-commerce store. Must be familiar with working in adult niche and comfortable about it. 1. Dedicated SEO Expert • Keyword...
  18. Niloy Pal

    any methods to drive free adult traffic?

    as the title says, im looking any methods to drive adult traffic free (can buy any tools if necessary). any replies or link to any thread is appreciated
  19. PineTree

    My Fat PornHub Journey to 50,000 Views per Day

    This is to document my Journey to 50,000 views per day on PornHub by using the PornHub Model Program. Unlike other threads I have seen using tube sites for traffic, mine is more traditional in that I am shooting my own content as opposed to reuploading other peoples videos after embedding a...
  20. P

    Ex-Blackhat Thinking of Getting Back into the Game

    Long story short: I was an extremely successful adult marketer. I mean average 14.3% conversion rate on CPA scaled extensively, spamming all mid-high traffic adult sites and forums. Made shitloads of money, (never withdrew from CPA sites as I don't trust the bastards, I sold those accounts for...
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