301 redirects

  1. AlphaMike

    Leverage 301 redirects from high DA domains

    I have a site in a particular niche that gets my domain suspended due to copyright claims in like 7 to 8 months of ranking. I have two other sites with generic domains ranking in the same niche for the same keywords. I was thinking of ranking the generic domains better and then use 301 redirects...
  2. graySEO

    Best Code for A 301 Redirect To a New Domain

    Hi Guys, I am trying to do a 301 redirect and i have tried various codes which do not seem to work completely. Please i would love someone who is good with 301 redirects to drop a code for htaccess for me that will redirect the whole website to the new and pass SEO value. Also, while performing...
  3. Creativebeartech

    Here is my take on 301 Permanent Redirect Backlinks

    For some time, I have been sending all backlinks to the main money site. However, I found this strategy a bit risky so I decided to do things a bit differently. I bought up a lot of expired domains with links on top news sites and then set 301 permanent redirects to them. I then started building...
  4. V

    [[Help]] how Can they Do Quick Redirects ??

    hello, anyone Can help me please How they Do like That ?? this is a forum Site but Thay are Redirects affiliate Site Link. any one know About That ?? help me Please is it Quick Redirects (301 Redirects) ??
  5. Jeremiah Johnson

    301 Redirect a high powered but non-relevant, non-niche domain to money site

    Has anyone done this. Please note in the title of the thread, I'm specifically talking about a non-relevant domain to a different niche. So something like a Wedding domain being redirected to a site about Bicycles. A few years ago I did this with a couple domains and everything exploded in...
  6. graySEO

    Absolute Guide for 301 redirects

    i want to do a 301 redirect for my old sites. want to move it to a new domain and do not want to lose all the link juice and SERP. i need an ultimate guide on how to do it and avoid penalty for google since i am redirecting two of my sites to one. i also want to know how i can do it so as to...
  7. A

    Recommended Solution to Maintain Link Juice Correcting 404 Errors on WordPress Blog?

    404 errors best practices for retaining link juice? best free plugins on WordPress in repository or elsewhere for creating 301s out of 404s, etc? Who Has a Recommended Solution / Free Plugin to Help Best Retain Your Site's Link Juice When Correcting 404 Errors for SEO (on a WordPress Blog)...
  8. enigmaghost

    Question: Expired Domain 301 to Money Site

    Hello all. Hoping to get some advice on if I wanted to buy a keyword rich domain with location in the URL also, and permanently point that domain to the money site, what do you think? I assume to push this domain into the relevant area search results we can rebuild link profile but also add to...
  9. subnetweb

    How to done 301 redirect Properly

    A lot of us find and buy good TF/CF/DA/PA domains for redirects to the Money site for improving SEO.I have quite simple question :How to set up 301 redirect properly? If you have good tutorial please post link. Dont say google it and what so ever.If you post I know you applied. And what are the...
  10. S

    301 redirects for link buying

    Hey Guys, Had a question. If I have ten domains (nothing on them) and decided to put them on servers and have ONLY 301 redirects on each one that forwards to my money site. Can I buy SAPE links and bulk links in general and point those links to the 10 domains and it safely transfer to my money...
  11. Pripod

    Transfer High Authority Domain to Primary Domain w/ 301 Redirects & Jumpstart

    Recently I purchased a high authority domain at auction that was nearly expired with: 800 linking domains Referring IPs: 662 Referring Subnets: 558 SEOMOZ: Domain Authority = 46 Pristine backlink profile (zero spam) 11 years of age and authority Great industry context Great desert scrapeable...
  12. howard_hughes

    Rank With 301 Redirects Top Ranking CAUGHT Using 301s Redirects! 100% BadAss

  13. B

    301 redirects - Need your knowledge!

    I am looking for people who currently use expired domain 301 redirects as part of their SEO efforts to answer some questions. Thanks in advance for your time! 1) Do you recreate the sub pages of the expired domain on the new domain, or do you redirect everything to the homepage? 2) How fast...
  14. Porsche

    301 redirect checker??

    Lately I saw a competitor's site climbing into page 1 in my market niche ( medium-difficult market ) I've used ahrefs and majestic to check on this site but they show that there isn't any backlinks built. Thus I suspect they are using 301 redirects to rank. Anyone knows if there is any...
  15. I

    HELP!!! Too many redirects/redirect loop error!!

    so recently i started experimenting with twitter/fb/pinterest using 301 redirects and now i cant get into "/wp-login" or "/wp-admin" but the page will load if it is "wp/login.php" let me explain what i was doing. 1. get affiliate sales link through cb and cpa 2. setup redirect through a base...
  16. smallwebkings

    Need to change refferal source to TJ, Google Adword, Facebook Ad etc

    Hello dear Fellows, Hope you guys rocking. Actually I promote CPA campaigns and i plan good and big thing to promote my CPA campaigns but due to lack of knowledge in programming so I can't programm those special script which I need. Well I want to change my reffereral source of my 301 redirect...
  17. R

    301-ed old site to new site...?

    Too much confusion over here. I have a site related to recipes niche, I made links for that and got on page one after some time my site goes down because it was a .info domain I think that's y it happened. Purchase a new .com domain retale to the same niche like old one was (recipes.info) now I...
  18. Endire

    Website Redirect Tips

    I see a lot of questions from those new to SEO and IM about redirecting URLs so I thought I would share some common tips. Enjoy! Redirecting URL?s What are the basic kinds of redirects? Just in case you your knowledge is lacking on redirects, I thought I would mention all the different...
  19. PartyNeon

    A loophole exposed: Recover from ANY penalty in 2-3 days and rank with pure black-hat!

    Got a penalty? Try a 301! Since Penguin, permanent redirects can work incredible wonders, IF they are done correctly. If a site is algorithmically OR manually penalized, 301'ing can perform a miracle. In my experience, I have seen a 300-500% increase in traffic after 301 redirecting a penalized...
  20. S

    301 Re-direct To Money Site Then Xrumer , Senuke, Scrapebox Hit

    Hi Guys Im Looking for an Expert's Advice on the following , i have four micro sites that i recently re-directed to my Money Site using 301 ! what I wanna know is , Is it { Safe | Possible | Adviced } to Hit these Micros using Xrumer Or ScrapeBox ,SenukeX ? What Effect would this have on the...
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