301 redirections

  1. sageshark

    How many 301 Redirects are OK?

    I have been preaching since years that too many 301 redirects are not good for your sites seo. I have myself experienced this when once I removed 400+ urls in my site and redirected them to other new websites the ranking and traffic of my website dropped. I have been very very conscious about it...
  2. V

    Too many 301 redirections causes drops in rankings?

    I have 2 sites "A" & "B" My site "A" doing very good in terms of rankings and traffic. I Placed 6 to 7 CTA buttons with Site "B" (301 redirections) links to divert the traffic from "A" to "B". Site "A" rankings gone down. site "A" wants to do really good, How it was doing before. Please Share...