301 redirection

  1. nidos

    [JOURNEY] Movie Streaming Site Updated SEO strategy 2024

    Hello, I've gathered these notes, but I couldn't find an explanation for the kind of redirection process that these websites, consistently topping search results, undergo. Is there something hidden, or is it something like "Black Hat" tactics? Examples: Example 1: The banned website...
  2. 301 rules.jpeg

    301 rules.jpeg

    301 redirect plugin passes link juice
  3. C

    301 redirect from http to https on godady hosting does not work

    Hi all, I own one godaddy domain and economy hosting. I use the free ssl service of cloudflare to locate http to https, but it fail to work. The http and https both are existing online. The customer told me it is impossible to work if it is not godaddy's ssl service. I also write content on...
  4. B

    301 Redirection

    Q. After redirection and Google indexed pages of the new domain, should I delete the old domain's pages? Google shows some pages cache of old domains like "How to do SEO - NewDomain.com" Let me clear the scenario: I have a site "Domain A". After some time I decided to move some posts to a new...
  5. ZoroBegins

    SEO Help- Need help for 301 redirection | expired domains

    My friends, I'm going to do this process. 1. I hope to get expired domain from marketplace and clear the spam links that domain. 2. redirect all the backlinks to the expired domain home URL to stop loose backlinks dropping and stop 404 pages, 3. redirect the expired domain with 301 to my...
  6. P

    17 years aged domain, need suggestions to make 301 redirect

    Dear all, I have 17 years aged domain in my bucket which contains niche keyword as well along with following metrics. DA: 19 PA: 31 Moz rank: 3.1 CF:13 TF:6 Should i buy this expired domain and redirect 301 to my money site?
  7. S

    301 redirection

    recently I add SSL certificate to my WordPress website Now how it is important to redirect my old homepage 301 redirects and how can I do this any video link? (Newbie)
  8. vimal85

    301 Redirection Help Needed

    Hello I am a fresher in SEO field so this task seem tough for me so can someone help me out in it. Task is moving from www. abc .com to www. xyz .com using 301 redirection can i have been doing SEO for this domain for More than a year. Sorry unable to tell you my exact web address because i...
  9. pronstar

    help please on redirect

    I am still a dumbass, I need to redirect one post from one of my old blogs to my new blog. It looked easy, set it up in cpanel on the new blog, but it doesn't seem to work. 1) Icopied the post from old blog to new one and set it up to run fine. 2)deleted post on old blog 3) went to cpanel of...
  10. F

    Redirecting many relevent niche domain to one

    I am trying to redirect my 4 domain (relevant niche) to my main domain. Does it help my main domain rank boost? I found related discussion about it on MOZ and someone commented there " The risk however, is if the domains have a negative history associated with them. If bad links were pointed...
  11. S

    301 redirection tips wanted

    hi . i am looking for 301 redirection tips . for my nice websites some are having huge like: 4K now i am try to redirect my 4 domain to my money site ? .. if i am redirection website to new sites then i have to update on webmaster tool to tell moving my site ? can i redirect all domain at...
  12. U

    Get out of the Google Penalty - Will my plan work ?

    Hi! I have around 10 domains that got penalized in April 2012 (Penguin 1). Domains had been spammed with lot's of blog comments (but good ones, only blogs where I spammed my comments with links, noone else). Sites lost 95% of traffic and ranking and never came back. I am running the following...
  13. R

    [Advice] Getting a local site out from G penalty.

    I have a client whose site was hit with a notice of un-natural links and the build my rank demise. It is his only source of revenue and I would like to bring it back for the key terms. I am considering using high pr paid directories and 301 re-directing some relevant domains with lots of...
  14. N

    Why white hat seo if you can 301 ???

    While i was dreaming i asked myself a question... why do i need white head seo or even bother with slow link building and slow results ??? why not 301 another site to the site you will rank and than build millions of links within days to the 301d site... so where is the problem ? i mean at...
  15. ritesh

    Find out competitor's 301 redirects

    Goto: http://www.opensiteexplorer.org Enter the URL.If its using 301 redirect it will displayed on 2nd row. Enjoy!!!
  16. F

    Domain look like blacklisted real clics 000

    Hi to all, Since a long time i use a free 301 redirection, now look like blacklisted, noone of my work look like in top 10 of google. So is it because 1-i use always same affiliat link 2-google have found me ban Is it good idea to use 1 affiliat link and made tons of 301 redirection with...
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