301 permanently moved redirect

  1. sageshark

    How many 301 Redirects are OK?

    I have been preaching since years that too many 301 redirects are not good for your sites seo. I have myself experienced this when once I removed 400+ urls in my site and redirected them to other new websites the ranking and traffic of my website dropped. I have been very very conscious about it...
  2. C

    301 redirect from site with 10k + traffic to new site(same niche)

    Hey guys i want to do 302 redirect of my site which is ranking with 10k + traffic and more to a new website. Will the new website keep the traffic of the old ?
  3. trimfire076

    In need of a Web Developer (Wordpress) with Expert SEO Knowledge

    I have been running my small scale woo-commerce website fine for a while, but all of a sudden it's SEO dropped. After using some SEO tools i discovered some, (majority) of the pages are not indexed in google, due to some "301 permanently moved redirect" which i didn't do.