Zo0mer's Offline Marketing Journal

Well, not a great update due to not thinking about the resolution needed for the print, I have now had this fixed and corrected today, so there will be a delay of 24 hours in the flyer's being printed and receiving the flyer's etc. Grrr, least I have it sorted tho.

Also it is my birthday tomorrow so I won't be around.

Just a small update.

The flyer's have been printed and they will be arriving between 9am and 3pm GTM tomorrow via courier.

I can't wait to get started :)
dude an offline journal!!!! Please continue updating
Well my 6 rolls of tape turned up...

I phoned up and they said the courier arrived early and mine would be in the next delivery tomorrow. So unfortunately delayed.

Some how I have managed to get a friend to agree to help me out almost all day tomorrow, so I hope that I can make up the lost time today.
Small update..

2 big boxes of flyer's turned up today :)

I spent only an hour and a half delivering. I have delivered in the region of 150. I just got back home, and I already have 1 conversion and 2 visits !

Can't believe it!!!

I hope it carries on this well. I am going out tonight after watching Inglorious Bastards, paying for a friend to go to, so they will help me out with the flyer's.

I am planning to hit all the bus stops on 3 different bus routes. Around 80 bus stops as they have them on each side of the road.

Wish me luck :D

Does anyone else have any suggestions on what I should do with the remaining 4,850 of them haha.

Going to phone up a couple shops in the local town and ask them if I could leave around 20 - 25 in there. I will let you know how that goes.
CAn anyone share some of the flyer that worked for you?

OR if there is an existing link here that can provide some samples. I have been searching for some time now with no luck (maybe I did not look hard enough :)

appreciated all the help
Hey Remote, not sure what you mean, you want a sample of the flyer? Or you mean where I get them printed?

You can order samples from the printers, I used Solopress.

I am happy with the quality, I would perhaps change the background color slightly, but next time.
What type of offer is it. (You don't have to give me the exact offer), but what does it pay and what type is it.

For instance a $40 rebill, or a $2 email submit, etc.
It is a free trial offer, I have had 2 sign ups, and I have had 43 page views. It is for around $30 - $40

I have so far delivered around 300, I was thinking that I would have had less hits than that so, pretty happy with it.

I am off to California and Vegas for 3 weeks on Monday, so I prob wont be about till 22nd. See you guys then ;)
That's a very good conversion rate! I'm extremely impressed, and can't wait to see what results you come back to on the 22nd.
I hope this venture goes well for you as I am planning to do something very similar in a few weeks.
Guys, if you're going to start journals, actually keep up with them. Stop being such a FreeTheTV. -__-
Right I got back yesterday, sadly I didn't win millions or anything worth talking about while I was in Vegas.

I did however make 2 more sales with the original 150 flyer's I have delivered.

Which means the total is sales for 150 of them and around 1 hour 30min work.

Of the $175 I have so far covered $144 of it. So I am sure I will make decent money with this.

I have also dropped off another 40 at the place where I got my car washed today, they were more than happy to help.

Perhaps a tip could be just keep a box of them in the boot of the car and just drop off a few at places you go to, and it wont even really take up any more time.

I am going back to university tomorrow, and on Monday I will be collecting emails at the freshers fair, as I plan on having a bi-weekly email for them. Promoting free trials/cpa offers etc.

I guess I will keep that info in here too if anyone is interested.
Glade to see your back Zo0mer!

Thats pretty nice you got another 2 sales...shame its not more though. And shame it hasnt covered the costs..

Perhaps this shows that it DOES work but just need to refine it.

Also was it just 1 offer or did you have a domain and rotate offers....then you could see which converts the best...and you should have made a squeeze page ;)

That can be for the next test :D
not so bad covering your costs on 1/10th of your orriginal distribution goal.

how many flyers you got total to be distributed?
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