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    These are just ideas. Im on a bit of a roll today.. so here we go.

    Im sure you have all heard of zid*du, spamtastic gpt file sharing site.


    Max upload = 200mb
    No Limit on how many files you upload.

    With every single file you share, upload it to ziddu in case someone wants to dl it. You only get paid a tenth of a cent for a download, but if you get plenty of traffic this should be easy money. Not much money, but easy none the less.

    The torrent idea: Find the top torrents using the pirate bay top 100 list, or wherever else. If they are under 200mb then dl them, you may be able to separate these files into different parts if they are bigger than 200mb. (splitting it up into parts will effectively increas your income, say if you split a file into 10 parts, then you are basically getting paid 1cent a download).

    I do not know how to split these files. Ideas on this would be nice.

    Set up a site lwith a domain name:
    Place reviews and articles for each of these torrents, and place your download link from zid*du there. Use the keywords "torrent direct download" "torrent direct downloads" "direct torrent downloads" "direct torrent download" "ddl torrent" "ddl torrents" a fair amount in your site. Use marketing techniques such as social bookmarking and so on. Submit these reviews you make with a live link to
    submit them to social bookmarking sites using social marker. Submit to article directories aswell.

    The site would be set up in categories similar to the torrent site you downloaded these from. Also, you might want to outsource the uploading and downloading of torrents with someone you can trust. Or do it yourself if you have a great download/upload speed.

    Set up a download co-op, using proxies in this would be a plus, but not necessary.

    What do i mean by a download co op? download peoples stuff if they download yours. This idea has been around with ppc, freebie referral stuff.. Affiliate Trades, and Dumbledoo. And also Smart Refer (my very own forum that people loved but died so quickly). The downloads could be simple txt files, or anything small. People in the co-op could simply download these files into a folder they may want to call "Junk" And then delete them after they decide to end their spam download session. A co-op like this would have to be low-key and invite only otherwise you may find ziddu slapping you D:

    Keep a look out for freshly downloaded products on rapidshare etc... search clickbank for new products, or top converting products, or whatever floats your boat, and upload it to ziddu.

    /end rant
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    IF you wanted to do this, this is how it would be done:

    1. instead of ziddu use easy-*share since it is more of a "trusted" name and the payouts the same.

    2. there's a guy at dp that sells (was selling) software that allows transferring of rapidshare files to your server and then uploads to other site (easyshare). You'd need host like host*gator w/ unlimited bandwidth.

    3. DL and re-up porn vids and movies/shows/software from warez forums/porn forums. I have an adult image host site where I get over 10K uniques I don't know how many of them are downloading but considering there's multiple parts, probly 5K dl's at least.

    ** I havent done it 'cuz I'd have to set up a new HostG accnt and a lil' too time consuming.
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    You can split files by using WinRAR and choosing multiple archive, then you can set up the size of every single file.