$ Zero to $ 1 Million in 1 quarter (Niche: YT, Blog Monetization, FB Instant Articles, Amazon)

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    Hey guys,
    New here.. Love this forum. I am a professional and plan on creating educational courses in my niche and monetize the videos on YT, Dailymotion, Create a couple of books, Create a blog and monetize it via ads., generate traffic via FB primarily and also via niche relevant forums and Quora. Eventually I intend on also creating multiple apps and having my own office and staff.
    Background: I am starting out my journey from a base of $20 till now from YT. A year ago I had no idea that creating content online and giving it for free and monetizing via adverts was even possible. I am not a IM specialist but have learnt quite a bit in the past year. I took Tube Millionaire and saw many many YT videos to learn how to rank my videos. I used to rank like 30th or something and after optimizing Title, Description and tags & other optimizations I am ranking 1-10 in many many keywords. It is low volume keyword but still I can see the power of YT. I also learnt Massplanner and FCS Networker for growth hacking. These are awesome softwares. I run multiple FB groups and had no idea till now that money can be made online using those. I have a professional groups, total capacity of which is 0.5 Million as of now. I intend on leveraging those to make videos and websites to monetize my own products. I have learnt how to post fake reviews on google playstore in a scalable manner to infinite amount. (obviously would need some funds..but with $2K i can post like 10K reviews per year)
    Plans: I have many many plans in mind. Plan 1 is to create 10 minute long videos and finish a course I have started out creating. I plan on doing a lot more and hope to use BHW gigs and plan on posting my journey here. My niche has hardly any competition as people without the knowledge of the field cannot really do anything in this field as it requires actual scientific knowledge of the field. Can't divulge more as my niche will be outed.
    Goal 1: Create 10K videos by month end and monetize them. I have the script and graphics ready so shouldn't be too tough.

    I want to be motivated and keep myself paced hence am posting here.