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    Whew! Ok, so after seeing a couple of interesting
    WSO and reading about Sarah Palin I ventured over
    to Warrior Forum to see what the chat was about.

    Now, I haven't ventured over there much since I
    discovered this hangout, and really enjoy it here.

    So, I take a look at a thread that has someone
    asking a simple SEO question a newbie would

    I mean - this was one of those questions that
    EC or Havok would start a special thread for
    that would read something like:

    "Read This Before Asking Questions Dumbass"

    No offense EC or Havok, but you know, that's
    a good thing to do with certain things so the
    board does not get flooded with idiots.

    This could be due to sleep deprivation at this
    point, but I'm wondering:

    WTF is wrong with people over at Warrior?

    I swear - I download WSOs that are shared
    here, and I really appreciate them. I do.

    However, most aren't worth printing off to
    line the bird cage with, yet they get $20-$50
    for this kind of crap? Seriously.

    They sell out. WTF???

    I get that they are newbies, but I just can't
    get over that real marketers are over there
    selling stuff, and forced to compete with all
    the garbage.

    I write ad copy, yet I won't post over there.


    Well, do you know how hard it is to write profit-pulling
    ad copy for a guy that was to sell something like an
    inflatable turkey collection on the internet?

    I can do it, sure. Yet, you post to recruit real
    clients to do real work over there and people
    will offer to pay you to do some of the most
    absurd tasks in the world.

    "Yes, Zeppy, I was wondering I have an offline
    business I'm a contractor and I finish and replace
    cement driveways"

    Zep: Ok, so you want to target that market?

    Well, we have a great niche, see what we do
    is instead of using the traditional finishing tools
    to smooth and sand the concrete to give it that,
    you know, every day drive way finish, we smooth
    the cement out with only "fresh dead pigeons".

    Ok, so maybe that example is a bit of a stretch,
    and there are good marketers over there, but it
    seems as if there is something in the water or
    kool-aid or whatever, but it just amazes me.

    Question, why haven't people talked about an
    easy way to make money online is selling absolutely,
    totally worthless bullshit over at Warrior?

    So, you want to make a living on the internet?

    Sell crazy bullshit over at warrior.

    It doesn't have to be good. In fact, I might create
    a "Black Hat Warrior Blueprint" on how to sell absurd
    bullshit over there - that's really mostly what the WSOs
    are anyway.

    (please keep posting them I read them all and it is much appreciated).

    Just go over to ezine site of your choice, rewrite some
    articles, through some PLR in there, and now get a free
    conference call number, and record yourself reading the
    bullshit and save it in MP3 format.

    Congrats - that will now sell for $29 over at warrior.

    "Hold your horses Zeppy, I'm just getting started, can
    I do this?!"

    Of course - if you know absolutely nothing about internet
    marketing except that you've bought a lot of crap from
    clickbank before finding it here, you have enough knowledge
    to scrape together a WSO.

    Think about it. I read a thread here today on
    how to get lots of articles as sample over the
    member downloads and then post them elsewhere.

    It was great. Here's a thought for people who want
    to make some money, follow this technique, and then
    sell the articles on warrior:


    I don't even know this guy but he's a member here and provided a free
    download - and you could use this technique to sell to Warrior and
    Digital Point people.

    Of course, the digital point crowd is a collection of marketers who couldn't
    give away a free ice cold glass of water in hell on a hot summers day, and
    if you post something for sell that want a review copy. Not exactly sure why they want a copy, all they seem to do is read worthless ebooks, and review them.

    Talking marketing on digital point is like talking to a Catholic priest about fornicating, it's usually pointless what does he know about it except "damn it I want it to happen - I just can't do it". Same thing at DP.

    Plus those groups at times seem just a wee bit too dysfunctional for me.

    You know like that crazy uncle louie that no one invites to the family reunion
    because he chases the next door neighbors down the road with a giant rubber
    chicken in his hand yelling "I cluck you! I cluck you!".

    I'm a member here at BHW and one other forum that I actually post to, and I'm telling you it's hard to find good places to learn stuff, and I always learn something new, and don't feel like it's visitation hours at the local psych ward. Ok, I'm done with my sleep deprived ramblings, if I can't sleep I might call up Sarah Palin and see if she wants to debate quantum physics.

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    some place hot
    that is one long post, and a good one too

    i agree with you on this one.

    right now i'm just glad i found BHW . i've learned a lot more in here than reading a lot more of stupid freaking ebooks :)
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    Holy smokes Batman get some sleep . That post pulled me into 5 directions at once and made me loose my train of thought.

    Great post I think...

    Kind of reminds me of that time I was at my grandmas house .

    I ate turkey yesterday .

    Hotdogs are great food .

    Now back to Sarah Palin take it away Sarah ..............................