[ZennoPoster 5] Free Template Giveaway[bored]

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    Need/want a free zennoposter 5 template made?

    Just leave a post below on what you need/want done and if enough people request the same thing I'll make it and offer a d/l link to it for everyone to enjoy.

    This is just my being bored and needing something to work on to keep my skills up and honed.

    Things I've created in the past...

    Web 2.0's

    Amazon Automation (comments - purchasing products - adding CC's - etc)


    Etc, Etc

    Just leave a small request like this and if enough people like your post (Either 3 'thanks' + or which ever post has the most 'thanks') then I'll make it and include a download link for everyone.

    Request Template:
    Description (list out steps explicitly):

    Must be a simple project,

    Title: LiveJournal.com account creator
    Description: Visit Livejournal.com, Click signup, fillout details using a gmail account (from a .txt file), email verify account, save login details to a .txt file.