Zen19 - 40million in 10,000 Hours

Zen, I saw this list before joining bhw.

I started affilias products and autobot few years ago.
Hope this list helps me
almost 2 years and NO UPDATE from OP. Do anyone have some idea where zen19 has gone?
So to all those wondering - no i did not make 40million in profits and retire to IM glory in Valhalla with the titans Harr0, T0mmy, Bleemz, and the one true god Pofecker.

The years were interesting though, and now that a long time has passed - its appropriate to share what went on during this heady time, before moving onto what I'm up to these days.

This is a journal - I write it mainly to remind myself of mistakes, where I went wrong, and also to trigger some previous ideas that I had shelved along the way. I wont be revealing explicit methods and for the most part am unlikely to respond to questions where the reader can already figure out the answers for themselves.

To catch up to the present day we need to look at a few key phases that I went through on my IM journey. Each one of these will be written as a posts in chronological order before moving on to the present day. A rough outline includes:

  1. The black arts and the fall of the darkside - the late stage days of backhat IM where it was still possible to approach and exceed 10k days in an ethically dubious but not yet illegal manner.
  2. Playing by the rules - the long and boring path to profit working within the fetid and soul destroying ecosystem of facetard and gulag.
  3. The ladder - learning to replace third party advertisers, traffic sources, and the filthy leeches who all steal a % of the profit you generate.
  4. The FUCK google paradox - diving back under the veil and leveraging these disgusting marxists while avoiding their shady and abusive practices.

From there onward into the freedom phase.
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