Yuqq.us Premium Link Shortener - Make $100-$750/1000 Link Redirects!

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    "Why just shorten links when you can shorten links and bank hard!?"

    At Yuqq.us we pride ourselves in being the first self sufficient link shortener that is also making
    it's many partners richer every day.

    Yuqq.us pays it's partners 50% of whatever it earns on each link redirect as well as a bonus
    for high achieving partners.

    So how does Yuqq.us make money for it's partners? - simple.

    Yuqq.us partners have the option of creating premium links:
    These links are protected by yuqq.us link lockâ„¢ which force
    visitors to that link to complete a short CPA survey before
    being redirected.


    So just how much money can you make with the Yuqq.us partner program?

    Yuqq.us partners can earn anywhere from $100 - $750 on average per 1000 redirects on their links.
    How much you make is fully dependent on the quality of your traffic.

    If you send high quality traffic to your links, preferably from the US, AU, CA, UK
    as well as other European countries, determined to reach the actual destination of the short link,
    you will most definitely hit the heights of $750+ per 1000 redirects from your link.
    Yuqq.us accepts affiliates from all around the world and pays out on worldwide link directs.

    What kind of links make a killing on the Yuqq.us partner program?

    Links to downloadable material you own.
    Links to cash spinning methods you've written.
    Links to video game cheat codes.
    Links to any exclusive content on the web.

    What kind of links are not accepted to Yuqq.us partner program?

    Links to seriously indecent images (explicitly violent or sexual material).
    Links to blatantly copyright infringing material.
    Links to any web content deemed illegal by US law.

    Yuqq.us Partner Program Referral Scheme - Earn 5% on your referrals!

    Yuqq.us partners are able to make more money, much faster than most other affiliate
    or partner programs available. Referring your friends and fellow internet marketers can
    make you a neat residual fortune.

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