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    My Youtube click out hijacker. I created an auto-blog video site a while back.
    It seemed that most of my visitors were clicking out, I narrowed it down to the YT video link. All I was doing was sending YT my traffic.
    I needed a way to keep them on the site. I searched for a solution and couldn't find one, so I created this one..

    I've tested the following code in MSIE, FF, Chrome and Safari.
    The script basically ads a div to block clicking on the video, then adds another clickable div that when clicked launches a go.php file with your random Affiliate links.

    I have included an auto-size code so the video will re-size based on users screen size, or dynamically if browser window size is adjusted..
    I have also replaced the WPRobot3 YTube Module code so all new post will insert the new YT Script..
    I have added a simple click-out go.php file that will choose a random site to launch when clicked.
    You can add a watermark image to the div, create an iframe ad that must be clicked to watch video or whatever your creative mind can think of.
    I had 9000 videos to update the code with, the only way to do it was mysql search and replace method which covered 95%. Not for the faint hearted but can be done.
    Feel free to modify the code and post your additions and hacks. Just be forewarned, It's VERY cross browser sensitive. I spent an entire day getting this thing to work right.
    I offer no support for it if you change it. Consideration and planning should be used when implementing with Wprobot as you don't want to change the code once installed.

    My auto-blog Site is Based on "My Twisted Autoblog Method - Complete Video Series" By Shezboy ( No link allowed, bummer ) Thanks Shez..
    I've never used wordpress until the video series, today I'm currently at 1400uv, 6000imp and now avg 10-12 per day Ad$ense on a .99 info.
    I use a great freebie tool called Syssense ( Google AdSense earnings from the Windows system tray ) its nice to hear cha-ching every time I make a, Its great! )
    So even if your an extreme newbie, go watch some vids and make yourself some cash. Special Thanks to BHW and its community for all the knowledge, help and advice.
    Happy Bloggin! Cha-Ching!

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    interesting ideea. I just created a tube like site, I will sure give it a try. Thanks