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Nov 29, 2012
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Aug 17, 2020
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May I ask you how much money (youtube ads?!) is needed for advertising to earn such amounts a month?
so we have to calculate videos + advertising


Jun 20, 2011
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best of luck on your thread buddy. Looks pretty solid .
Thank you! Much Appreciate!
This is VERY NICE looking selling thread! It should get a trophy.
So this is FACELESS. Can this be Faceless first then add a face later?
Good luck
Thanks! Of course, as long as you remain in the same niche, it'll be fine.
Good luck buddy!
Thank You!
Good luck weng!
Thank You!
May I ask you how much money (youtube ads?!) is needed for advertising to earn such amounts a month?
so we have to calculate videos + advertising
We don't spend anything on ads. Our earnings are 100% Organic.
Good Luck Weng! Definitely a one-of-a-kind service!
Appreciate it!
very interested. Could you send me a sample channel? thanks
PM & Samples sent :)


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May 20, 2015
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Wow, sounds too good to be true! I'd really like to try it for myself but I feel like it's something I'd need to set aside more time to dedicate to. Right now I work 11 hours a day with my 2 jobs (not including my own youtube, tiktok, and ebay side hustles) so I'm scared I won't be fully committed to it after investing 2k.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be unemployed next year (2022) cuz I will leave my job and take a year off. Maybe that is the best time I can try this??

But I also wonder, is it possible for YT to become saturated? If 10,000 people joined your program and started to pump out all these channels and videos, do you think waiting longer is going to reduce the chances of success? Most things go the way where only the early bird startups who hit it off really big make the most from it like GameStop. Those that started early and left made a ton of money. Those that just got on board recently and invested big lost a lot of money as they suddenly banned GameStop from trading and if you didn't pull out, you lost big.

This sounds amazing man!