YTAdvertiser Trade - Need a couple of jobs done


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Mar 20, 2010
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First of all, I apologize to the mods if this is the wrong section. At the time I'm writing this thread, it seems like it's the best place where I can find what I need.

Well, I have delayed launching the website of YT Advertiser for the reason that I should have partnered with someone here and help me with marketing the software. Looks like that plan isn't going to materialize.

So, I'm in need of the following:

1. A copywriter/ sales page writer who can do the sales copy for YTA. Writer should have some experience blogging or writing a sales page. Writer must also be proficient in written English for obvious reasons. I already have the website design done and I only need the actual content for the landing page and a little text for the affiliate page.

2. Someone who can write a quick start guide of the software in pdf format.

I'm offering this as a trade

1. 5 YTA licenses for a person who can do #1, and another 5 YTA licenses for a person who can do #2. If you can do both then you get 10 licenses. (Worth $200++)

2. Access to beta test my upcoming software (Xrumer +SeNuke + scrapebox + etc) all in one tool. (Worth atleast $1k once its released, this is currently being developed and a beta should be available by the 3rd week of September)

Please pm me if you can do it. I'm a quality freak and I would have to check credentials.

I'll give this 2 days for offers. If I find none that meet my standards, I have no choice but to pay a pro for the services.

Thanks everyone!