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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by shudogg, Nov 22, 2008.

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    This should be okay for me to mention as no one here really knows my niche on YouTube, so hopefully it wont give anyone any ideas and kick me in the ass.

    I have an idea, but not sure if it works yet. My main site has a pr 2 and like 1200 linkbacks. Some of my posts land well on google. I have a handful of accounts on youtube, and about 5 videos on each one. I basically want all of my videos for all of my accounts listed on a page I made on my site. If I upload a new video to one of the accounts, it needs to automatically grab it. But it must be the embed code so I can click the play button on my site.

    What I am getting at is a need an automatic, up to date running list of all my videos on my accounts. If I upload a new video on youtube, I need to be able to refresh the page and have it there.

    With this list, i am going to use TOR or something similar and click play, switch proxy, click play, switch proxy. Imitating clicks from different people. Hopefully I can "fake" the hits and increase the number of clicks in the "sites linking" section for my youtube videos.

    Just think if this works. I have an old account from 2006 that I am boosting profile views, friends, ect. And by boosting the videos, and getting like 100 clicks from my main site, may possibly make a huge difference on youtube rankings!

    So in short I am needing a script/plugin/code to grab the embed codes for all my videos across multiple youtube accounts.