YT Tags and descriptions - Best strategies?

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    I've been trying to figure out the best strategies to optimize my YT tags and descriptions. Here is some of what I do and hopefully you guys can share some of what you know about YT optimization.

    A technique I've seen is to copy the tags and descrips of the most popular videos and past it on to yours. But I have also heard that this doesn't work anymore and that YT will give you a penalty in the rankings. You could try spinning the descripts any maybe that will work, I'm not sure.

    I have a feeling that YT doesn't like duplicates. I think if you use the same tags over and over again on all your videos TY will give you a penalty. There are some Tags I like to use on all my videos. I use the same 15 tags over and over again (the best KWs in my niche) and then add an extra 2 or 3, which are specifically related to the video I'm uploading. I have a feeling this strategy is hurting me, but I'm not sure.

    I do KW research using youtube's KW tool and I write down the words that keep showing up over and over again. So let's say YT Keyword Tool comes up with these long tail keywords:
    "Lose weight fast"
    "Fast weight loss"
    "Easy weight loss secrets"
    "Secret Fast Weight loss"

    So I use these following words as my tags:
    Fast weight loss secret

    I use those words because they are the ones that show up over and over again. My hope is that It'll increase my chances for coming up during long tail keyword searches. So it shows up when someone types both "fat weight loss" and "Secret fast weight loss." Then again, I could be hurting my rankings by using the same tags over and over again on all my videos.

    Something I think works well is using all or most of my tags in my descriptions. And trying to place some tags in my title. YT likes it when you do this because it tells them you're not tag stuffing.

    They say that the longer the description, the better you'll rank. Maybe we should try to write long, descripts filled with gibberish with the tag words sprinkled in. I'm sure YT watches tag density of your descrips though. Maybe it's better if we use short descriptions with heavy tag density but it might be bad when your descriptions have really dense descriptions.
    So I don't know what's more important, description length.... or tag density of your descriptions.

    I know YT rank depend on other factors too. What kind of sites your videos are being embedded in, what kind of backlinks it's getting, whether it detects you're using blackhat techniques or not, etc. I've seen people suggest that we should actually try to build backlings for our videos like we do for websites. But I don't know if this is pointless or not.

    Tags and descriptions are the one thing we have full control over and it probably make a huge difference. So what do you guys do?
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