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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by keith88, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Ok guys Im a bit heart broken about this but main youtube terminated my account without notice. I know this happens BUT Im not sure WHY. Heres what I've been doing... I just uploaded 1 video and I was trying to boost the views of course and I've been using enhance views to boost my views AND a service from the warrior forum but I dont believe the campaign started. Maybe getting about 250 views to it ( the new video) but I was getting views for my older vid at first. I was getting likes from enhance views and running the browser to gain credits and post comments n likes myself.... after a couple days enhance views says that you cant post comments anymore because youtube was viewing them as spam. Remind you I would let the browser run for hours guys whether it be to POST likes/comments and watch other people's vids. WHAT THE HECK HAPPEN GUYS...... post a serious answer please because I really need to know this. I must get my video back up and youtube, do things the right way. WHERE DID I SCREW UP???
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    I had my main channel banned a couple of months ago as well. I think YouTube detects patterns. I stopped using view4view services etc. Watching videos all day long etc (how vagex & enhanceviews.net) work, are not really 'human' IMO. YouTube might detect it.

    Using enhanceviews itself (submitting credits) cannot lead to an account suspension, because other people can submit your videos/channel to enhanceviews...

    The only reason for your ban is that you've been using the autowatcher. But I really think there's more (maybe you used multiple accounts on your IP)?

    Because the reason my main channel got banned a couple of months ago was because I was running a bot with like 10 youtube accounts on my own IP. The bot had 'human delays' etc, and it lasted for about 1 or 2 months. Then suddenly, out of the blue, all 10 channels (+ my main account) got suspended...

    All info in my post are based on personal experience. I think its because of that, I can be wrong.
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    Youtube will not hesitate to ban your account for any suspicious activity they detect. I have gone through about 3 youtube accounts that lifted off quite well and spent a year or so working on that were banned because i experimented with different montization techniques and boosting methods that did not work up to ytubes policy.

    Vagex and U2bviews are the only view systems that have kept my channel under the radar in moderation. I also use Tubetoolbox which itself has some 100% guarantee you will not be banned in its use. So far so good

    Long story short, don't experiment with your main account til you find a close to fool proof system that works for you. I'll also add that its best to do everything in moderation with youtube
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    Lots of spammers here lately.