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    Hi guys,

    I am completely new to IM, but am really motivated to learn and trying methods out.

    So do you have some tips on learning material (books/courses) regarding YT, especialy how to find a red hot niche? Which methods are good (meaning easy and profitable) for newbies? Which programms or bots can you recommend? I know that all this information is already in this forum, because I already did a research on these topics. But actually it is like a information overload at the moment, and I am looking into understanding the basics before going further.

    Right now I want to start simple. I thought about creating 2 adsense accounts (one private and one business acc). The private one I will use for reuploading popular CC videos only, the business one for reuploading non - CC videos. By doing this I hope to denerate a safe, but slow income (private account) as well as a risky, but faster income (business account).

    The DL and UL I Am thinking to do with Massvideo blaster pro, since it got pretty good reviews here. The business acc I will boost with buying views, likes and subscriptions. I am not sure though whether I should use these options for the private acc since I want to keep it as clean as neccessary.

    After I got this started and am already familiar with it, I want to look into how to promote my website where I will be selling a niche product. Also, I will look into other working methods described in this forum, where YT plays only one role amongst many.

    What do you think about this?
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