YouTube Video puller/scraper??

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    Jul 15, 2010
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    I've managed to hit number 1 for my site, through article marketing/social bookmarking/blah blah etc. What I need now is a bunch of YT vids and was wondering whether there is an easy way to grab say 500 each for a select few of my keywords.

    I have been doing everything manually with this site (my first one:)) to make sure everything works the way I want, so the next site I make, I know what works and I can automate/outsource.

    But, a stumbling block: I have a slow-ass computer and an even lamer internet connection. So, is there a plug-in for WPress or is it easier to hire someone to pull the vids (edit them to make them unique) and upload to my site? If the latter, how much should I pay per vid/per batch of 100/500?


    EDIT : Wup, might have found what I'm looking for, Any further ideas would be cool though
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