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    Hi to all,

    Iknow some tell you in your description put your domain name in first and all is ok but if you look in a spider simulator you can see meta title YouTube and title of your video look impossible to change and in description my affiliat link in first so ....................:confused:

    need to put my text and my affiliat link at the end of the text, or some good keywords first please ????

    thanks to all :)


    * YouTube - XXXX.wmv
    * Characters count:27
    * Words count:3

    Meta keywords

    * canadian, usa, guide, sites, uk, news, poker, promotion, top, real
    * Characters count:120
    * Words count:16

    Meta description

    * - =XXXXXX&profile=125enblkjkXXXX is a casino using software by Playtech....
    * Characters count:160
    * Words count:10