Youtube simple tool

Actually that authorization is completely useless, it just extends the time of the whole process when user needs to access YT and confirm there. It would be okay if it was saved, but having to do that with every video is just useless.
I use Lazarus to restore the filled fields, and just replacing the YT video link and the title, so it just autofills all the passwords and usernames at the same time. Now the method is broken.

Also, when we can upload multiple vids again? :)
Oh right, and my stars are still broken, lol. And before anyone asks - yes, the stars do make a difference to the view count.
Would you be able to add the possibility to rip the original title, but add stuff there? E.g., "☆☆☆ $title ☆☆☆" would produce "☆☆☆ This is the original ripped title ☆☆☆".
Ok tnx man, added to my to do list. Do you use same account all the time or u switch?
People are not easy entering their accounts on some website so I added authorization.

EDIT: fixed problem with stars
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Well, so far I've only been using three accounts (via different browsers), but mainly been just doing the uploads to one account at a time so that hasn't been an issue.

I understand the reasons for the authorization to be put in place tho, but I feel the bigger issue is the need to authorize after every upload. I'm not familiar with the system, but I find it hard to believe that it should be done every time instead of being saved for the session.

And yay, my stars work! GJ! Saves me the few seconds to edit them in afterwards, lol.
you only have to authorize once now, but u need to accept cookies.
server is slow these days, takes long time to download
@GoGame because of entering account details or afraid of getting banned? I will add youtube authorization soon. For the second, you will not be banned. If this is the case I would lose all my accounts looong time ago :chicken_w

afraid of entering account details :D gj with authorization
Have you discontinued this project, or what's going on? The site worked just fine yesterday, but now I'm getting "lorem ipsum" :confused:
Thank you mate! I am very grateful for that script. Could you tell me how I can upload videos in HD?
Every time I put HD link it will upload it in 360 quality. Can you fix it? :)

UPDATE: I think I manage to get to work that. One more time -thank you :)
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I've just ran the URL's with no hd-attribute, and always gotten the HD version after YT finishes with the file processing. For some videos, it might take a little longer, and thus you'll get only lower res ones appearing first.
yes, I'm not satisfied with server download speed. If anyone has any recommendation for lowend vps tell me so.

btw, I would like to add multiple downloads uploads, but what should I do with title and description inputs? all same, ono for one? do u have any idea
that's because vps provider has suddenly disappeared and all my scripts have gone with that scammer. I will make it again, but don't know when exactly
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