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El Plaga : ONE more time...WHERE is my refund????

Ashilicious : Yes...I had the same url in the desc. Why?

I am fairly confident that if youtube find a video that violates their terms (is up for deletion) and it has a url in the description, they will also look to delete other videos (and/or accounts) that have the same url in the description.

Don't be too hard on El-plaga, you are in a black hat forum after all. I personally think El-plaga offers a valuable service that provides social proof and exposure for any aspiring youtuber. Apart from you, I have heard nothing but GOOD reports about his service.

The bottom line is nypraise, youtube don't take too well to home based business marketing videos becoming popular on their site. Learn from this experience, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and move on, or you will be left behind.

I wish you luck for the future,


P.s. Sorry for the rant El-plaga, keep up the good work :cool:
No problem, im still here tryin to make this right. IF he send the 2 videos ill have no problem doing the order over again.

NYPraise, im not about to make this thread into a back and forth he say she say thread. So just let me know the word
Well, Ash, the thing is that El-Plaga did'nt do what I told him to do...he did'nt do what I paid him to do...he did what I was afraid he WHOULD do, but he assured me that he whould'nt... I know YouTube don't like home based business videos all that mutch. That is why I gave El-Plaga the istructions I did...and he broke them. So he took my money and ran... We agreed on a refund and now he is not answering on Yahoo etc.

El-Plaga :

I'm letting you know now...I don't want anything to do with your service after the way you handled my order and the way you spoke to me. All I want is the refund as you promised... So where is my refund?
Plaga service has always been great. He knows what hes doing and has always gave great advice on how to optimize my order.

Personally if he gave the rates you paid for and warned you about the possibility ahead of time i don't think he owes you any refund at all.

Some people just are just pricks

And if you really had the nerve to ask 30k hits to ALL your videos.....i dont know what to tell you.
metal : Did you even read the posts? I warned HIM! Not the other way around. He claimed to be some kind of expert, but I told him to be carefull and not rate all at once. He did and got i deleted! Jesus...

When you have your #1 ranked spot on Google remove all becouse of a wannabe expert who is rude, then you can tell me what you think is fair regarding a refund...
I am interested if you still have the offer..... kindly pm me
Replied to all you guys, and got all you guys orders going out!!!!

Post reviews after they are done.
Check... Replied... and doing your video like i been doing bro! Give it time. I cant update youtube hehe.
I have used El-Plaga in the past for orders and he provides lightning quick service. I had over 100 comments made on a video of mine within an hour of submitting payment. Great work!
I got 500 ratings and 250 comments off El-Plaga a few days ago and they were done straight away. Great service - absolutely no problems whatsoever! Thanks El-Plaga!! :)
Wassup guys! Got alot of free space and stuff!

Hit me up if you need any services!
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