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Hey guys! Been away for a while. Youtube had made some changes... But now im back in action!!

Because of me being away, im going to run the special alot of you ordered and liked!!

1,000 ratings + 1,000 comments for $25
1,000 ratings + 1,000 comments + 1,000 favorites for $40
1,000 ratings + 1,000 comments + 1,000 favorites + 1,000 subscribes for $55


First five will get $5.00 off like always.
How high can you push a new video on a new account with 1k ratings and 1k comments?
Is there a high risk that your video is getting banned?

I want to get on the first place on a key that has videos competition with about 400.000 views, 200 faves and 200 comments. Will this be realizable?

If you can tell me this or show me a video review, just sent me your PayPal-Email before Friday 12Midnight ;)
Getting pass a video i suppose like you are saying that is like on first page of that keyword wont take too long. IT is highly possible and depends on alot of factors when it comes to youtube.

I havent really seen any limits a video can have. Unless you just go over board with it and try and do 50k ratings on a video in a day hahaha.

But pm me bro. I can get you hooked up big time. Dont miss out on the special offers.

There is 2 spots left for the special SPECIAL $5.00 of the already special prices. Jump on it. I have alot of room for tomorrow.
I'll be needing this service regularly. Please pm me with your paypal/messenger address and where I should send the comments/videos to.
Just placed 3 order about 20 minutes ago over IM, and BOOM, done. I appreciate fast service.

How would you rate your experience (1-10) 9

Would you reccomend to a friend? Hell yea
I see people are messaging me alot since its deadline.

Anyone that want to order please contact me by 12noon! If you do so and then order i will still let you get special offer. If not before 12noon. IM SORRY
What would be your quote for 100 ratings + 100 comments + 100 favorites + 100 Subscribes.
What kind of comments are you sending? Are they related to the subject? Randomized from a DB? If yes how many sentences are there in that DB?
I ordered 1000 rating and comments from El-Plaga. I allready had one video that was ranked nr.1 on Youtube with the "work from home" keyword and nr.2 on Google with the same keyword. I told El-Plaga that I wanted him to be careful and NOT post all the ratings and comments at the same time, since I know that work from home videos etc. get deleted more easy. El-Plaga assured me that he has been doing this for 5 months and only one time before has a video been deleted. I repetedly said I did'nt want all the ratings and comments at the same time.

I ordered the package from El-Plaga and he started his ratings and comments on my 2 new videos. Not the good ranked one. Next time I check my videos, ALL my videos are deleted and El-Plaga has gotten my videos and accounts deleted from youtube. Even though I Warned him and told him NOT to overdue it. So I basicly paid him to deleted my accounts.

So I get very angry and I curse the hell out of him, witch I appoligize later and started to find a good solution on how to fix this mess WITH him. He then refused to help me get normal ratings,comments and views on the newly uploaded videos. The same videos he got deleted. He started to talk down at him and be a real ass.

I then just gave up, becouse he always had an exuse for someting or he was beeing an ass, so I demanded a refund. He agreed, but he again had an exuse about his net beeing down etc. So I waited for the net to work again... Once I see he logg on to Yahoo on regular net, I ask for my refund again....And once again, he was beeing an ASS. I have tried to contact him for several days now and he won't reply.

So to sum it up, El-Plaga DOES deliver ratings and comments...yes, he does...I'm not going to claim different. BUT if something happens, if everything does'nt go smoothly and when it comes to the customer support, he is a REAL A**HOLE against his customer and I will never do any kind of business with him again. If you have any videos, uploaded from your IP, that you don't want deleted, DON'T BUY SERVICES FROM El-Plaga. If you don't like dealing with a**holes that know NOTHING about customer support or beeing polite, then DON'T BUY SERVICES FROM El-Plaga.

If you just want to spam you video on YouTube and don't have any other videos on YouTube...sure, buy from him. If you don't care that he might just take your money and run...sure, buy from him.

Ps. I still have'nt seen my money... He took my money and ran.
Dude, like i said numerous of times. I offers to do the videos over again. I even told you before you ordered and stuff about it would be good having the videos on separate account and then probably have a button on video to point back to your main channel.

You insisted i go alone with it. Im sorry your videos went down. But it was clear to you about all of this bro. I offered to do those 2 videos over, but you jumped off the deep in like you want 30,000 views on all 7 or 8 videos that you had on your account with ratings and comments. YOU LOST YOUR MIND ON THAT ONE.

I will still offer to do the 2 videos i have no problem doing that, and when you say about me being a asswhole to my customer base... i assure you i have treated all my customers with the most respect ever.

So let me know. And i dont ignore you, i reply to you, but i aint gone reply to threats and stuff. Like i told you before, i would had posted here myself what had happen cause i didnt do anything wrong. So once again let me know.
The videos where on seperate accounts, but they were registered from the same IP. The videos you were to rate and comment was on a seperate account. This you knew. You never said anything about having seperate accounts, even though I totaly agree on the benefit of having seperate accounts. But in this case, it was on accounts from the same IP and I told you to not push all the rates and accounts out at the same time. But you did, becouse you claimed to be some kind of "expert". And I lost everything...

I had 30k views, a lot of rates, comments etc. on the videos YOU got deleted, and you told me that you could fix what you destroyed... but when I told you what you need to do, it was too mutch for you. And you acted like a jerk.

I had plenty of VERY good traffic and convertion on my videos, and becouse of your stupid A**, I now sit back with nothing. Then I don't think fixing what you messed up, is to mutch to ask. But I gave up, since you where so rude on Yahoo Messenger and I asked for a refund. And you agreed, did'nt you? I have asked you every day in the last 2-3 days when you will refund me...and no answer... so WHERE'S MY REFUND, "BRO"?

I don't WANT you to do the will just get my videos banned AGAIN...That's what this is all about!! Are you stupid or something? Pay attention!

Ps. strange how "polite" you are on this forum. On Yahoo Messenger you are totaly rude.

Anyway, you are a scammer...Give me my refund without stupid excuses about your internet is down, you are taking your son to the doctor or your country is in a financial crisis...I don't give a sh**!
Wtf, i rather not reply any more. I dont do e-arguing with anyone. Like i said dude. If you want service put up the 2 videos. If you deny that, thats on your end not mind.

And now its my fault that you uploaded on same ip, that is dumb on your part dude. But like i said, im willin to do the order. Let me know
You just confirmed that you ARE stupid...


We agreed on a refund... where is it??? give it to me...

Don't be a f'n scammer!

Show everyone else here considering your service, that you WON'T take their money and run!
Just out of interest nypraise did you have the same url in the description on all of these videos?
El Plaga : ONE more time...WHERE is my refund????

Ashilicious : Yes...I had the same url in the desc. Why?
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