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May 3, 2007
Service price and packages goes as follow:

100 Youtube Rating - $5.00
300 Youtube Rating - $10.00
500 Youtube Rating - $15.00
1000 Youtube Rating - $25.00
2000 Youtube Rating - $40.00

100 Youtube Comments - $6.00
250 Youtube Comments - $10.00
500 Youtube Comments - $17.00
1000 Youtube Comments - $30.00
2000 Youtube Comments - $50.00
(Comments can be what ever you want them to me, Or i will use general comments for your video!)

**If you are interested in Youtube Favorites, please contact me for pricing or stay posted to thread.
**Any larger orders, please contact me for pricing.
**Multiple Video orders please contact me for pricing and/or discounts.

All orders are delivered within 24 hours of purchase unless otherwise told by me before you place your order. As you should know if you know Youtube, sometimes it take them a while to update stats for videos. But after update all ordered will be visible. I will notify you when I start and when I finish your order.

I only accept paypal from verified accounts. Please do not try and scam me it wont work. If you cant pay by paypal, only other method of payment i accept is epass.

THERE WILL BE 2 REVIEWS(1 FOR COMMENTS & 1 FOR RATINGS) GIVEN FOR FEEDBACK TO MEMBERS THAT HAVE REP ON FORUM. (First 2 posters to claim review spots that meet requirement)

Contact me if you have any comments, questions or concerns.
Good service. I`ll try it when i start my newest site campaign :) It`s good that epass is one of the payment options..
SnowWhite took the reviews. I did comments and ratings for him. Service has been provided.

I have alot of free space for orders guys! Shoot me some offers.

Just for a few days, i will offer 1,000 Ratings + 500 comments for $30.

Service is done within MINUTES
Got a hundred ratings and more than a hundred comments
This is really worth it and will save you time in promotion

The service is a must to be combined with Tube Increaser if you plan to get on the homepage for Most Viewed (only, do it slower)


ok results.

ordered 1500 comments to my video since that normally puts you in the top 10 for
top rated.

I wanted to see if this guy was for real and if i would get honors and some traffic.


Made 7th most rated got some traffic and a few conversions off the video. I threw together a quick ringtone video (ripped one that was already n youtube and added my watermark)

my video was taken down for copywright but the service was A+ and fast.

Going to order again but take the time to make a better quailty video so i can keep that traffic a bit longer this time :)
Thanks for that review metal!

I will not be offering the special of 1,000 ratings and 500 comments for $30.00 to much longer. Alot has taken advantage of this but just not posted. Even on other forums as well.

Dont miss out on this. People are getting tons of traffic with my service. I hope more post!
Bot, The purpose is to give your videos that needed kick start and push from the get go to start being views, commented and rated by the real users of youtube.

I am going to ask some of my clients if i can privately show videos that i have done for them. People are getting crazy traffic and feedback once they hit the top list.
My review:

I just signed up for 100 of each to see how the service works. I must say that I don't know how he does it so fast, but my order was literally stared in a couple hours of sending the payment. El-Plaga delivered just what was promised.

The only sticking point now will be if my ripped video and quickie offer are good enough to make me money.

Thanks El-Plaga; totally recommended!
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