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    I have a question about ranking youtube videos. I just recently started to try and rank for a keyword (about a month or so ago) and have several videos. I rank them with vagex using views, likes, and favs. Now From what I have read it seems this is how you rank videos in youtube. The only problem is some of my videos out rank others and it makes little since to me.

    My very first video which was started the 3 days before my other ones is on second page. (has been for 2 weeks now) it has thousands of views yet videos on the same page that have out ranked me have less views, comments, likes AND favs... in fact 4 videos in front of it have less then 300 views...

    the other thing is I have 2 videos on first page as well. The videos in front of them have about 11k and up views. but my videos are ranked weird... as in they are both my videos yet the video with HALF as many likes and views is out ranking my other video which has even less views then video on page 2 lol...

    Any idea why this could be? I am just a little confused as its been a couple of weeks. I also put visit length into consideration but on vagex I have had all of them set to about 90 second view time.
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    There is no rhyme or thing you can do for yourself is diversify, diversify, diversify

    Tons of unique videos with different long tail keywords
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