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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Siek, Dec 17, 2008.

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    I've been testing this like no tomr so many variations but my quality always comes out so bad

    1) Basically I took a picture
    2) opened up photoshop
    3) made myself a nice watermark for that picture
    4) Opened up windows media maker (WMM) put the picture in there for a good min
    5) uploaded it to youtube... the picture quality has gone downhill - it looks awsome on my computer

    So i realize that YT compresses the hell outta my vid. My goal here is to get the highest quality where it looks pretty decent but have the file less then 10 MEGS MAX

    First of all my picture i saved it in GIF im sure it wouldn't matter to much ... never tired JPG but ill give that a go next..

    This is what i've tried using different outputs on WMM to higehr quality such as DVD ..didnt want to do HD output b/c well that was a good 30-50 megs..for nothing..not worth it to me..

    So i thought okay its probably the picture quality so i increased the size of the picture and the quality of it x3 of what it was originally... btw i had the picture the same size as the YT screen... 320x240 or something like that.. so i increased it by that teh quality i increased by 3 as well - Still came out with pretty bad quality.

    Anyone have an ideas on what i can do to make the vid look nice?

    Thanks in advance

    Oh yeah does anyone know how to enable teh Widescreeen for YT? im using tubemugul perhaps they dun have it there lol