YouTube playlist trick dead ? Will give free bot to anyone who can make it work again !

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by zonfar, Dec 9, 2012.

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    For those who don't know what the playlist trick is , it was commenting within a playlist. When doing so your comment would show the playlist name inside your comment so you could put your full website name as a playlist and bypass the yt filters. That was when playlists were shown on the bottom of your screen , but now they are in a black box to the right of the video your watching and when commenting on these videos now with the new playlist update you can no longer use the playlist trick. Yt just updated this a couple days ago. I made a bot to automate adding viseos to a playlist and then commenting on it. This obviously is useless if the trick is no longer working. So if anyone knows of a setting somewhere or anyway to revert an account back to the old playlists ill send you a copy of my bot for free ! Feel free to add me on Skype as well: zonfar

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    I dont know if there is a way around this but now you can use eye catching avatars and get people attention they will click your avatar and taken to your channel. In your channel you can put your link.

    i'll try messing around with what you said and see if there is a way.