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YouTube Outranks Blogposts 9/10 Times - What to Do About It?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by darulez, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. darulez

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    Mar 12, 2013
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    Got some crazy idea some nights ago "why not use ahrefs to check if youtube videos get organic rankings and traffic?"
    So I took top 100 videos of one of my sporting niche youtube channel. and got some stats.

    it aint much, but I discovered 3-5 videos ranking top 10 for money keywords and in the 300-600 volume range. nice! - already...

    however, the blogpost is like 10-20 places behind.. in 90% of the cases I checked, it is always the case...

    I usually give a crap trying to rank blogpost when I can get top 10 position without investing 1 backlink.. however, it kind of annoys me now a bit...

    I can only suspect the sites authority is soooooo low, that there aint no juice flowing from / to the blogposts, the youtube videos are on.
    As usual, the videos are also embedded with great content.
    If I find some KWs to rank for, I usually FIRST create HQ video content and then write the blogpost (kind of tricking myself cause I hate writing in a structured manner.. )

    I cant blast any good link on those blogpost, cause, as in this case, it would rather seem worthless and be better invested to link to the youtube video to try to improve it's ranking. which I kind of find silly giving "youtube" free links ...

    sadly, competitoin for the top 20 spots, as in like every sporting niche now, is saturated with at least moderately strong sites - some even use expired domains to boost their posts. so there is some obstacles there.

    your take on this? any idea how to perhaps get youtube videos & blogpost on the same page without investing a hefty sum??
    does this happen to you too?
    do you create posts AND youtube videos? and not the "slideshaw spun crap with autovoice garbage.."