YouTube Money - 800-1100 views a day 90%'ish retention and I need some advice.

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    Hello hatters,

    I'll cut straight to the point.

    About a year ago I made a crafts tutorial web site with videos to match (18 in total) All the film content is 100% fine to monazite. However, I some how managed to lose ALL the information about the song. (title, artist, PLR site its self the lot) I have no idea how much potential money I'm missing out on. The site its self makes a few bucks a day from adsense but it'd be nice to have this little extra.

    How should I play it?
    The only ideas I've had is to slowly re-upload the videos and wait for them to take rank one by one?
    Just make up the PLR stuff and hope google doesn't check. I offered $20 for anyone who can find the track name/artist/plr info for it and no one could. (offer still stands)

    Also just out of interest how much roughly would video stats like this make?

    Song is here