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    Hi !

    I am looking for someone to create a a very automated software. I need a bot that will log through multiple youtube accounts and add friends from a list. It should be able to extract the usernames from video comments. After logging on one account, it should add 10 friends and then move to the next account and add another 10 and log through the whole accounts list. A great feature would be to make the bot work with the hidemyass vpn and change the ip every time it logs on another account.
    I have mass friend adder , bulk message sender and other bots for youtube, but none of them is able run that automatic. I need to log on every account manually.
    Finally I would like to know if its possible to run a friend add bot on a server, to run continuosly 24/24 . If we provide a huge usernames list , would it be able to log throug many accounts and add friends ? I think a VPS could work but it should change the ip for each account.

    My budget is between $10-$20 depeding of what you are able to offer.
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    PM Sent.
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    10 to $20, are you serious braahh?