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    There are two ways you can do keyword research using the tool. The first way by searching a keyword or phrase the second way is to paste a video link to find related keywords for that video. When I searched my keyword using the descriptive words or phrases option it gave me 10K results but when I copy and pasted a url of a video that uses that exact same keyword it came back with not enough data. So my question is why is this happening? Is it a bug with the keyword tool? Or is it some other reason this is happening?
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    The yt keyword tool is hard to use and or does not work correctly I have found.

    Most keywords come up with, not enough data.

    What you can do is create your own ad words account and post a test video based on the keyword(s) you need data on. Then set the payout to .01 per view and you should basically get all the data you need for free or cheap. You can see how many impressions the keyword gets. Make sure to use broad, phrase, or exact. It always makes a difference.

    I am doing this right now and find golden keywords everyday that the yt keyword tool misses.
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