Youtube Journey to15K views on my own 30 days first time youtuber.

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    I just finally decided to get into the youtube game. I'm making good money on adsesne with my website so i decided
    to link my youtube with my adsesne. ivbeen wanting to do this for so long since i feel like i can get youtube views easy
    but iv just been lazy and reallystupid, i should have started years ago bynow i could have a nice bank flow.

    i put up three videos yesterday 12/19/14 and at the moment its been around really good

    video 1 twerk video aka dancing shaking that ass 880 views 21 hours
    video 2 video game 22 views about 18 hours
    video 3 twerking ass 160 vies 1 hour

    im going to take one of the videos promote it myself on my social media take it 15k-30k by
    the end of the month and if i make it i will keep promoting it to 100k then i hope youtube
    will list it at the top and it will get views on its own, then that will in turn give me more views
    as viewers will stay and click on my other videos just trickling down the videos.

    i also got a couple subscribers today not too many about 4 on first day. i will pay youtube to promote my
    video as well i heard that does your video a lot of justice. i just share my video on my social media about 1-2 times
    and hour and it get views i have followers enough to get the job done i hope.

    if i focused all my energy on sharing it heavy i would be able to reach 50-100k in one month i think so. I just
    don't want to risk getting banned cause i don't really know youtube and i have my adsense linked wiith my website and youtube
    together and if i get my youtube banned im scared ill get my website banned also. So im going to minimize my views for the moment.

    I just take a video not too viral even if it is i just add extra stuff on it make it my own then upload the video monitize it and share
    it on my social media hourly or when ever i feel like doing it. so wish me luck guys if you have any advice feel free to leave it below.
    i'll really try and come back to this thread at least once a day check up on things report back on my views etc...
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    I have many
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    Those views are pretty good for the timeframe. I also started testing youtube out in the same niche as you but my views look like shit probably because I am not doing nothing but posting the videos.
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