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    Hi all, I'm a European guy, going broke in the next couple of months if not sooner and I'm starting something hoping and working to make enough money to set a base.

    The Plan
    So my plan is simple, but apparently harder than I expected.

    What I'm going to be doing these next weeks will be basically creating 3 main Youtube channels and uploading cc free content to them.

    The moneys
    I'm aiming at a CPC of at least 1$ and 100k views months.I don't know how will I get them, this niche is good on content, but on views it can be bad, the good part is amazon, there are products that people might buy, so it will improve the revenue a bit.
    The revenue sources will be divided between amazon affiliates and adsense. I'm thinking on making a website to gather all the content from YT 1 and YT 2 to help rank the videos and expand the exposition to possible income, through Ads and an amazon merchandising affiliate store.

    I thought on making my own merch using on-demand-prints and sell on etsy and amazon, but right now I think it's too much, as I'm already struggling A LOT with just uploading already made content.

    The YTs

    YT channel number 1 will be visual entertaining content

    I have 500 pieces of content for this one, but I'm already struggling with uploading and how will I upload, edit, create descriptions, etc for so much in a month, when yesterday I tried to upload 18, 14 actually upload, 12 have strikes on them (Germany), I'm not even in the network to block Germany, I don't have any channel art and it took me almost 24 hours to upload them.

    My possible solutions:
    Upload time: Compress them.
    Block Germany: Use the 2 that are good to go and apply to Youtube Network - Any tip here?
    SEO: Either do a generalistic description and copy past in everyone, or go to a more bespoke one.

    A question regarding work philosophies, what should I do, should I put the content all out fast in a generalist form and maybe after work on everyone, or should I just put one out per day or day in day out (and set the 'excess' in autopost), bespoke and combine the socials to help the videos grow, maybe until 1000k and then upload another?

    YT channel number 2 will be music, both YT 1 and 2 relate

    So this channel will be mainly music, I have to put the images or some stock video on them, but it's straightforward. I already have 200 pieces of content for this channel, needs uploading and editing, basically the worst part and the most important part.

    Both YT1 and YT2 will be a sort of set-and-forget, they will need my attention daily but they will exist regardless. So this takes me to YT3...

    YT channel 3 will be news, and this is breaking my messy balls
    So this channel, is the one that will have more content, but this one needs me every, freaking, day. Plus I don't know how to put all the news sources in one page so I can visit in the morning, see what's new, download whatever I have to download and then put on the channel and put the images on the socials.

    I tried RSS feedly, didn't quite work, maybe I will have to just subscribe to their email list and go through it every morning, actually, this looks quite an efficient solution.

    I like the niche of YT3 but it will be hard work and I don't know if it will be that profitable, but, right now I will be focusing on YT1 and YT2 basics and then I will work on YT3.

    Now some final doubts

    I already applied to amazon affiliate, but I can't recall what email did I use. Can I do something about it?
    On adsense I really don't know if I ever applied, but if I did, am I f*cked?

    Another thing, I have almost 100 emails, I lost track of 70%, I had a website, I lost track of the email used, the passwords, everything, so my question is, How do you organize all this stuff?

    What should I be reading in regards of Youtube SEO?

    Last one, how how would you organize your workflow that I have? What would you prioritize ?
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